OG Wins Dota 2 Boston Major, First Team To Win 3 Majors!

As we said before, team OG was hoping for Ad Finem to come into the finals instead of Digital Chaos. Their wish has come true. Having all the transfers and losing plays, coming new, the transformation of the team has shown that it has been pretty much successful.

og wins dota 2 boston major

The team of OG managed to get a result in the game in a fashion manner with a result of 2-0. The First and second map was really easy for OG, as Ad Finem have probably lost themselves together with their spirit and team play. One of the most interesting facts is that OG’s perfect execution before every single team fight was really clutch.

They seemed to have a plan for every single Ad Finem’s move. The map awareness was real. Another fact is that individually, the team of OG was a lot better on paper. If you compare every single player’s position, you will see that every single OG side player was dominating in every category.

Everything was going alright for OG until their third game which could have brought them the title a lot earlier. However, the team of Ad Finem stood by themselves, set their pace and found their amazing team play they offered in the previous games.

The third game was also one of the most exciting games of the whole Dota 2 Major, if not the most exciting. The team of Ad Finem had managed to bring the result to 2-1 after their amazing win and execution.

The Fourth game is almost finished and we know who’s going to be the winner. Only the GG is left to be said.

After the struggle and wish to achieve an amazing comeback, Ad Finem did not succeed doing it. They lost the fourth match of the Finals.

Congrats to OG for winning their third Dota 2 Major and be the only team with that kind of achievement.

Overall, the Boston Major has been really satisfying to watch.

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