Paladins Tyra Build Guide – Tyranin, Cards Included

With the latest OB40 patch we got a new Champion, Tyra. In order to keep our promise and continue the guides series, we must create some new Tyra Build Guide. This girl seems to be a really strong damage dealer, but, she’s really squishy. Because of that, we are aiming on creating a build that’s going to fix that.

You probably know what kind of skills Tyra owns. However, let’s see them below:

While every single Paladins player says that Tyra is too strong and needs to be nerfed, we do not think the same. I think that Tyra relies on one spell, and that is Hunter’s Mark. While Hunter’s mark can also reveal enemies like Skye, it can also boost our damage for some period of time. In that order, we made this build around Hunter’s Mark, named Tyranin. Enough talking, let’s preview the build now.

Tyra Build Guide, Cards Included

Your Tyra gameplay should be something around this cards. Mark Target, shoot him down gain hp and speed. move away… etc. This loadout should be used by mobile players, the ones that love to move around and take the game in their hands. Let’s see the cards below.

Trail Blazer, 1 point

We find this card really Strange because it feels like when slow applies, you are a lot more slower than this number. However, this card is still a must. You can survive better by avoiding being crippled and slowed. Enough for that, let’s move on the other card.

Hunting Season, 3 points

Gain 600 HP when you kill your marked target. This is really nice because it can pretty much keep you alive. As we said above. Tyra is seemingly all around the Hunter’s Mark spell and she’s also squishy. This card should help her survive through bigger fights and maybe get her kills in a fashion manner. Who knows. One tip, do not mark an enemy since the moment you see him. The mark might be gone before you kill him because it lasts for only 6 seconds. If that happens, you won’t get the extra 600 HP and you might die really fast.

Ranger, 2 points

We choose Ranger because Tyra needs the Hunter’s Mark ability, almost always. We do not know if that is still going to do some job, but, instead of 15 seconds cooldown, you’ll get 13 seconds cooldown. It might work just fine for you too.

Locked and loaded, 3 points

This is the fun part. We used the similar boost on our Viktor’s Build by boosting our ammo count by 6. It feels like with those 6 extra ammo count you can kill an enemy with only 1 magazine. The strange feeling, right? I mean, this Tyra build should be all around that. Mark the target, Kill him, Retreat.. Get Hunter’s Mark online again, mark someone, kill him and retreat again. It’s pretty simple.

Tracked, 3 points

This is one of the most important cards which in some it’s good in relation to the first card of the build. The track gives you 15% extra movement speed while Hunter’s Mark is active. While a lot of players probably think this is bad, we find it really useful. You should use the same card in every single build because gaining that extra movement speed is a must. Tyra somehow must survive the fights and this is one of the best ways to achieve that.

Tyra Gameplay Explanation

Since we talk about a Damage dealer, let’s just keep it simple. You need to execute your plan in a perfect way. Get the enemies that deal a lot of damage to your team and never quit. Basically, the gameplay should be something like this. Mark a target, take him down, fall back. It’s all over again but it can be really annoying sometimes. One more tip, make sure your Hunter’s Mark is available before using Tyra’s Ultimate.

Tell us what you think in the comments down below.

Tyra Build Guide

Movement Speed

Our Score

This Tyra build is all about making Tyra more viable choice as a Damage Dealer.

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