Payday 2 Scarface Pack 1 Coming Tomorrow

For all the “Robbers” around the world who play PayDay 2, we have an important announcement to make. Payday 2 Scarface pack is coming in and this is only the beginning.

payday 2 scarface pack

Payday 2 Scarface pack is about to come

Take it as a Christmas present but Overkill Software the developers of Payday 2 prepared a few surprises for us. They are trying to spice up the game with new iconic characters such as Scarface.

The game will be in packs and we still don’t know yet what they will offer and for how long.

The first pack is all about revenge. With Scarface in the first picture, you have to send a message but this one is in blood. You are visiting Miami’s stronghold only because somebody messed his fingers into the Butchers plans. The rumors are that Sosa’s Cartel is involved in this mess.

The pack #1 is available from tomorrow December 15th. More packs are coming but still there is no info from the devs.

pay day 2 scarface pack

Below, you can find the new Payday 2 trailer for this update

Scarface Packs Day 2 is now available and offers some awesome stuff. A new weapon feature and special kind of perk decks are available at this moment. Below you can find the video.

Stay tuned for Scarface packs Day 3!

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