PayDay 2: Scarface Safe Is Live With Christmas Update 128

Overkill Software is proud to present one of the many new updates. PayDay 2: Scarface Safe is one of the latest and like they say the last one for this year.

payday 2 scarface safe

Let’s do a small recap on PayDay 2 and Overkill Software and their work through this year. First, the game was announced to be released for Android and IOS in November. Then, came the Scarface Packs a month ago which is really nice and contains nice features. Not long after that was also released an update 127.1 with a few fixes and that was refreshing for PayDay 2. Here is the list of categories from all the news and fixes in PayDay 2.

PayDay 2: Scarface Safe News and Fixes


The achievement “Let Them Fly” is repaired so no more one kill will count twice. A new character model update of Scarface. “Cloak and Dagger” achievement and the pitchfork melee weapon. The headless Zeal Dozers does not appear anymore as a regular Dozers. Also, when you try to use your controller in the Basic Menu selection it was crushing.

Levels fixes

The Election Day – Two visual issues are fixed. The balcony floor and the objects that disappear and one graphical issue by the van for escape.

Issues fixed – The “Pump the sleeping gas into ventilation” objective will disappear. The Sentry Gun floating in mid-air, visibility of the escape limo and reaching areas.

Other fixes – Battery pack asset for the cables to plug, clipped money bundles, misplaced signs. The light is indestructible now, cabinet doors not in the same place. There is light in some dark areas and AI movement improve.


Issues fixed – The hole in the wall when you escape, NCP voice playing by his own, during a phone call the disturbing sound. Seeing enemies where they spawn, clipping enemies trough garage wall. The floating window from the Cadillac, waypoint of the Cadillac after you lift and enemies having trouble entering the boss room.

Other fixes – The interaction voice when you pick up the recorder, The piano is now more easy to play, some animations got an adjustment. Also, one of the important heists the Scarface Mansion is added for the “Who’s There” trophy. The “Choo Choo” trophy is now “Tickets, please”, shadows are available to the dock, fixed a shutter through the roof. Endless assault during escape forgets about that. Indoor guards will not patrol outside, the glass breaking sound, AI navigation, the effect on white doors. Bathroom door graphical issue, environment sound volume, stuck in the lawnmower and the rope ladder assets easier to climb.

Visual issues – Objects disappearing, plants level of detail and shutters when opened

The Bomb: Dockyard

General – Camera could see a drill outside of its field of view, the gap on the ground, missing ventilation, the gap between a door and a wall. Snipers spawn inside each other, doors to the security room kick open from the AI’s so nobody can hide there and two active escapes at the same time.


General – While leaning out the window of a car a player can switch to the under barrel of the Little Friend Rifle. Through doors placing Trip mines, give ammo back to Sentry gun with the under barrel of the Little Friend Rifle.


General – Jack of all Trades will correctly change the amount of equipment trough the menu, Players can now open trunks. Also, skill descriptions in the Commando Rocket Launcher and the description of Hardware Expert are now updated.

Perk Decks

General – Replaced the 15% armor increase of Play Rough with a 10% health increase, 5% armor increase of Balls vs. Bullets with a 20% and Right to the Top with a 40% health increase. Also, added a 10% health increase to Bad Guy Coming Through.

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