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six invitational event

Six Invitational Event And $200.000 Reward For The Champion

In Montreal, Canada on February 3 until February 5, 2017, Rainbow Six Siege will have so far the best event ever. To make it even better the development team made a prize pool of $200.000.

six invitational event

During three days teams will compete from all over the world, Europe, NA, SA, Asia and Oceania. They will be competing for the prize pool and also for the title of Six Invitational Champion. There will be broadcasts every day on twitch.tv. So, for those who are not able to participate at this event but willing to enjoy some pro-competition from home can also get the filling and the smell of $200.000.

Also, the fans are not excluded they can join the event and have some benefits as well. Tickets are available starting from $30 up to $150 and you can get them here. By purchasing a ticket you can watch three days of pro gamers, major announcements, reveals and earn in-game currency.

To wrap up this announcement, here are the Four teams who have their safe spot and won the qualifications for the Six Invitational Event.

  • Team Vitality – Europe (Xbox One)
  • Instinct – North America (Xbox One)
  • GiFu – Europe (PC)
  • Continuum – North America (PC)

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UPDATE: Here are the Six Invitational Qualifier Teams

  • XBox One (Europe) – Lucky7.Gaming, Barrage eSports, Supremacy and Osterity
  • PC (Europe) – EURONICS Gaming, PENTA Sports, gBots and Playing Ducks
  • XBox One (NA) – Team Allegiance, Lethal Gaming, SoaR Gaming and SetToDestroyX
  • PC (NA) –  eRa Eternity, FlipSid3 Tactics, Ferocity Esports and Astral Authority
  • Xbox One (Latam) –  Chapecoense, Brazilian Killers e-Sports, DEX.United and First e-Sports
  • PC (Latam) – Santos Dexterity, Nyx Erebo, paiN Gaming and BRK
  • PC (Asia) – Envy, Team 1122, Liberty and Dynamo uFF

Only 4 of them will take part of the Finals. Good luck and have fun!



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