Slark’s Aghanim’s Scepter is a Real Fun

This is something that everyone should try. I have tried the Aghanim’s Scepter on Slark and it was a real joy and fun! However, If you take this game seriously I would not recommend it at all. Let’s see what kind of bonuses Aghanim’s Scepter gives to Slark.

Slark’s Aghanim’s Scepter can be both “harm and fun”

After the 7.00 Dota 2 update, everything has changed. We do not even need to speak about that anymore. Let’s talk about Slark. Slark is one of the best carries you can get. With Essence Shift he steal enemies stats and converts them into agility. This means he can be really strong if he gets a lot of them. However, they are vanishing slowly and after 2 minutes they will be completely gone. In order to keep the stats as much as possible, whenever he gets a lot of them, he needs to start searching for a new kill on his own. Well, his ultimate is one of the life saviours for him. In order to keep himself safe before every fight, he will pretty much need to have it active.

Otherwise, something might go wrong. Also, when you are having a teamfight and also have an Aghanim’s Scepter, you might save your teammates too.

Let’s see Slark’s Shadow Dance below.

Shadow Dance

So, when Shadow Dance is activated, Slark hides himself and becomes immune to detection and any kind of true sight. He’s literally a god at that point. The only problem of Shadow Dance is that lasts for only 4 seconds and Slark will be vulnerable afterward. The ultimate doesn’t save you from any kind of damage by the way. Keep that in mind. Just imagine, what if you have a big teamfight and you save your teammates with your ultimate and turn the fight around. I mean, Shadow Dance ability is not that much OP, but it can save lives for sure. He also gains movement speed while he’s invisible on the map.

Shadow Dance also gives you a regeneration calculated on a percentage 3/5/7% scaled by levels, when not in teamfight too. There is half a second between the reactivation of the ulti after being revealed or being hit. You also probably know that with your ultimate you can reveal the ward placement of the enemy team too. That being known, let’s move forward.

Saving teammates

It’s not only about the friends it’s also about the global cooldown of that spell. We are talking about -30 seconds cooldown which is going to make you able to start ganking right over again. This is something that everyone would love it. No one can go against it and everyone will accept it. Even though we are speaking about an item that’s going to take a slot from your inventory. Yes, but there might be additional players on your team that actually carry the game in that moment. If something’s going bad with them and they’re going to die, you can save them by pressing R (activating Shadow Dance).

Slark’s Shadow Dance with scepter hides your teammates under the cloud and they cannot be attacked too. It’s scepter cloud range is 325 units. This means that you will need to stay close to enemies. Let’s say there is a Magnus and catches your teammate in RP. You can easily go in the middle pop the Shadow Dance and hide all of your teammates. They will be grateful to you as they were to me :).

Slark’s Talent Tree

After the Dota 2 update 7.00 came to live, every single hero have its own Tree of Talents. We can see Slark’s Talent Tree below. Given all those talents, you can pretty much choose the best build you want. Since we are talking about Slark, getting a +15 damage, +10 Agility, +25 Attack speed and +12 All Stats would be really nice choice. However, it always depends on the players against you. Taking that into consideration, this is just an opinion.

Tell us what do you think about the new Slark Changes in the comments down below. We find this really interesting and more fun. Chasing enemies with Slark after stealing stats should be your job, and Aghanim’s Scepter will definitely help you to survive a lot more.

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