Solo Offlane Medusa Looks Legit With The New Dota 2 Talents Tree

We probably all know Medusa from Dota 2. No need for any kind of explanation around that. However, there is something new to tell you. After the 7.00 patch, Medusa is lot more Tanky than before. In that order we are going to write about why Solo Offlane Medusa can be really good! This is related to the new Talents Tree every hero received after the biggest Dota 2 update.

By picking Medusa everyone is probably thinking about a safe lane carry instead of offlane solo core. Am I right? But, have you tried to play Medusa solo offlane? I am pretty sure I am not doing anything wrong with speaking about this. Why? Because we tried it and we loved it every single moment of it. There is just one problem that can stop Medusa at this time and that is Anti-Mage and PL’s diffusal blade. Nothing else can put her down.

Solo Offlane Medusa Explanation

By going offlane, that means you can get a ton of experience very fast. Considering the surroundings and the neutrals that were added, plus the bounty rune and the shrine, offlane Medusa might just work very good for every single player. Why am I talking about the levels? Because, with Medusa you only need to get experience faster aiming towards openning her Talent Tree. I am not going to speak about the itemization because it’s pretty much the same. It’s really simple, all you need to get is level 10 as fast as you can.

You can get level 10 really fast thanks to the position you play. Plus, you can go every 2 minutes either kill neutrals and Ancients, ofc when you get a bit stronger, and also take the bounty rune. In this way you will earn a lot of experience and be in front of the enemy players with everything. One more good thing is that when you get your Split Shot, at least one level of it, you can farm the neutrals even more effectively and go back to your lane. Everything should look easy if there’s no hard Medusa counter pick in the enemy team. As we said above, we already know them well.

The fun part is that you can harrass your enemies by using Mystic Snake ability every single time they are close to the creeps. Just make sure you’re not using that Spell on the heroes, instead use it on the creeps close to the enemy heroes. Also, you have the Mana shield which I am pretty sure you’d love to level up more just like the Mystic Snake.

Picking the Tanky Talents

As I said above, all we need to get is to open the talent tree. Medusa will be a lot tankier at level 10, at level 15 you can get some percentage of evasion and at level 20 you can become master Tank by picking the +500 mana talent. That’s not all, at level 25, you can the Lifesteal too, which is going to make you extra tanky. You can see the talents down below.

You can still go for the damage + agility boost talents, also +20 attack speed which I do not recommend. Getting the extra mana on Medusa will help you tank with the Mana Shield on soooooo much. That’s All I have to say in this, review, guide, call it however you want. I will put this under guides so it will count as an offlane Medusa Guide.

Medusa 7.00 Build and Items

Since we are going to count this as a guide, we will post the items you need to get on Medusa. It’s pretty much the basic items by the way, but getting manta with this build instead of the BKB is a lot better choice. Well, if there’s an Anti-Mage you will go for the BKB for sure. However, the items should be like: Phase Boots, Ring of Aquilla, Linken’s Sphere in early game. At mid game try to get the Manta Style, and towards the late game or in late game, try to get the Mjolnir, Skadi and Butterfly. If the game push you to buy a Divine Rapier, get it!

Some of you might ask why are we not going towards Dragon Lance. Simple answer: Because we are using Tanky Medusa talents. It’s pretty much OP. I know it’s a team game but with this offlane playstyle I’ve managed to win all the games except when there was an Anti-Mage in the enemy team. Anti Mage kills me soooo fast. Make sure you avoid Anti-Mage, and it should be a really easy game for you.

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