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The Best Dark Zone Rogue Escape Routes

First of all, let me say that we’ve been one of the old school Division players. However, things went bad with the game and now the devs started listening to the community. That is a good thing, building a nice community should always be what you aim for, this means for every single dev house. It is also one of the reasons we are back in the game. In this article, we’ll explain to you how to run away and survive when you have the Rogue status above your head.

Since we started posting different guides about The Division, we decided to do a nice guide for the Dark Zone itself. This guide should contain the best Dark Zone Rogue Escape Routes. We know that you can probably find a lot of them out there. But this one should be unique and always working.

In the video above, we start with a route for let’s say if you go Rogue in the DZ1. Going Rogue in DZ1 sometimes might be really hard to survive through it but, however, everything depends on the timer. Also, if you kill someone in DZ2, DZ3, you should start running towards North.

Dark Zone Rogue Escape Routes, Explained

Basically, what you need to do is just remember the paths we showed in the video. Nothing else matters. It’s the same route every single time. This is the best and most safe route you can get while running away from enemy players. Doesn’t matter if you go Rogue in DZ1 or DZ6. It’s the same route every single time. There is more advanced ones. But we choose to bring you the safe one just to avoid Elite packs around the map and get rid of the timer above your head.

Just make sure you stick to these example routes and you will learn even more advanced running away. Mark these words: It’s the same routes if you turn the map upside down. Doesn’t matter if you hold the East or the West. It’s definitely the same routes in both ways. Owning the Dark Zone will be more fun while surviving the manhunt.

I was preparing this article with pictures on it. But however, that just won’t click. Because of that, I’ve made the video so you can enjoy learning from it. Who would need to edit pictures if he can easily make a video about it, right?

This should not be the end, I am planning to release a new video from us actually running the same path.

We truly hope the Dark Zone Rogue Escape Routes will help all The Division Agents. If something’s missing, feel free to post a reply in the comments section down below and we’ll give you an answer as soon as possible.

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