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The Division Best Skills To Use When Playing PVP as a Group

As we promised before, we are making this article while listing The Division Best Skills to use while playing as a group. Let us tell you from the beginning that we use the same skills with my buddies and we are almost inevitable when we hit the DZ together. If you like this choice of skills, you should roll with them. Keep in mind that you will also need a nicely tweaked gear sets in order to achieve the needed level of a perfect gameplay. So, we pretty much should leave you speechless.

The Division Best Skills to Use While In a Group

Let’s start analyzing them. We are also going to explain which player role should get the right Skill.

Pulse: Scrambler

This pulse protects the user and its allies from enemy pulse scans. Given that fact, this pulse should get rid of the extra incoming damage caused by the pulse of the enemies. Given that fact, we always run two pulses with the same mod, Scrambler.

Who should get the Scrambler pulse? Since back in the old days we’ve been using this. Usually, two of us (Damage Dealers) run the Scrambler Pulse. Why two guys runs the same pulse? Because we use the one for Clearance of the enemy pulse, while the other for Damage. Ofc, the one with most electronics is kept for damage.

So, whenever we fight, we got 2 pulses ready at any time. One uses it and as soon as it finishes the other guy activates it. This scenario happens only if we fight for a longer period of time. Otherwise, we just go Rogues and run while managing our Pulse cooldown and scanning whenever we take a turn.

First Aid Booster Shot

Well, in addition to the pulse, one of the damage dealers should get booster shot while sticking close to the other player in order to get the buff from it. They can also run both with the booster shot because sometimes you will get really spread across the map and something might go wrong.

Why to get the booster shot? The Usage of booster shot increases the damage and also the resistance for all the affected targets. Just as in the picture above. Getting the booster shot is must for the damage dealers. All that being said, let’s move towards the more interesting part.

Support Station: Immunizer

The Support Station is one of the best skill you can ever get. As we can see on the picture below, the Immunizer Station will pretty much drop and remove Status Effects and also make you immune while being in the affected area.

When having a close team fight, this is something you need to have in order not to burn or bleed and avoid every single damage effect. That being a fact, the one with the Reclaimer’s set should use this skill. Boosting the Hp and Range should also do the job.

Flame Turret: Dragonbreath

This is also a must when it comes down to teamfights. Getting sure the turret’s ready for use is the job of the half-supportive player. That’s the guy that’s using the FireCrest Gear Set. We all know what the FireCreast gear set offers you and what kind of bonuses you get from it.

The Flame turret is also good when being used together with the Immunizer . The immunizer should save you and the flame turret will help you kill players more easily. I am pretty sure you can now imagine the whole teamfight. Looks really easy, right? 🙂

Sticky Bomb: FlashBang

By using the Flashbang Sticky Bomb from one of the support or half-support players should really help you a lot. This will make the enemy players disrupted and they are not going to be able to use any of their skill neither their ultimates.

The effect is non-lethal and blinds and disrupts all the targets in the range it explodes. The half-supportive guy should get this while the support should get something else. Sometimes the full support guy should get another first aid skill, depends on the situation.

Ultimate, Signature Skills

Ok, so this is pretty easy as we are just going to number the usage of the skills 4 players should run with.

Recovery Link

Seems like the most useful Signature skill in the game at this moment. The Recovery link ultimate should be used by the 2 damage dealers so they can pretty much assist each other.

Tactical Link

As you can see in the picture below, it increases the weapon damage and also boosts its fire rate. This signature skill should be used carefully. The Tactical link should be used only by the support player while standing at the back.

Survivor Link

What does it do? It increases the damage resistance and speed for all the members in the group. It also grants health boost to the user when he’s taking lethal damage. The Survivor Link ultimate should be taken by the tank player.

If you think there is something missing and needs to be changed, feel free to comment down below. We will appreciate it.

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