The Division: Bullet King Exploit is Back Again

If you remember back in the days, there was a Bullet King Exploit. It was a boss that you can kill over and over again. After you kill him you just run back to the safe room while he respawns. After that, you just go out and kill him again and grab all the loot. However, when the game came out there were a lot of exploits and the game was really vulnerable at that time. What about now?

Now, after we the Division got patch 1.5, the exploit is back again and people are still farming Bullet King. When we had this exploit before we had just to kill the boss named Bullet King and leave the NPC’s alive, at least one of them. But, at this time players are not even pushed to do that or run back towards the safe room. All they need to do now is just go, kill Bullet King, pick up the loot and rejoin an opened party.

Bullet King Exploit Hosting Party

The hosting party on the other side, the guy that’s receiving all the clients to join, is probably using a macro for leaving the party instantly. By doing that, the other players that are farming Bullet King are able to rejoin the party, spawn at the safe house “Autumn’s Hope” by default, run outside and kill the boss all over again.

Having this exploit back in the game it’s really bad. Ubisoft and Massive should start working on this because a lot of players are already farming this and probably farmed a lot if items. We all know that we can get the Caduceus gun, that has a chance to drop from killing Bullet King.

Is there anything Ubisoft can do about all of these glitches, bugs, and exploits? They are still present in the game even after patch 1.5. The players just need to find some other way of doing it. This can become really bad for the already shaken community.

One message to all of The Division lovers: Do not leave the game, do not quit playing, the game should become even better because we know what were the consequences and why all of this was actually happening. Never quit and just believe, the devs started listening to the players and the only outcome of that is getting better answers, updates, patches. We truly believe that this will be fixed soon in a very fast response. No more glitches, exploits, hacks, let’s go Massive and Ubi, you can do that!

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