The Division PC Update 12/14, Patch Notes Included

As probably all The Division gamers know, there has been a new patch release just before 10 minutes. With the release of this new The Division PC Update 12/14, a lot known issues have been fixed. the division pc update 12/14

However, the Bullet King’s exploit is still present since they haven’t done anything on the server side. So, this is just a PC Client Update which should not affect the servers at all.

All we need to do is just restart the game, of course if we are in it while the update has been done in the background.

What kind of changes are applied with this update? Let’s see them below:

The Division PC Update 12/14 PC Update Patch Notes

While the patch has already been deployed they fixed a lot of known issues like:

  • Fixed some instances with Xbox controller not working on PC
  • Fullscreen mode should now be working as they fixed this too. Sometimes The Division client was not able to run the game at full screen and players were pushed to ALT+Enter to maximize to Fullscreen.
  • The audio positioning is finally fixed. Yes, while I was running in The Dark Zone with my group I was always getting confused with the steps I hear around me. However, that is fixed with this new The Division Update 12/14, finally!
  • One more really interesting issue has been fixed which is losing the control for a moment of the character they play. This was also needed as sometimes you may encounter a strange character’s behavior.

Overall, we are speaking about a nice update which applies all the changes only on the client. In the meantime, there are still lot more things to be updated, also the balancing should be done all over again. Our team at FGR is really strict on judging the set’s imbalance especially with the AlphaBridge gear set. Seems like it’s the strongest option nowadays to run in the Dark Zone.

Tell us what do you think about this patch in the comments section down below. We’ll be glad to hear it from you.

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