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The Division Striker’s Gear Set Build

The Striker’s Gear Set was one of the best sets you can get in the game back in the days when there were only 4 sets available. I’ve been seeing a lot of Sniper players using this build. Also, a lot of players that use Shotguns use the same build.

Why? What does it do? Why is it stronger after the last 1.5 update? Well, we’ll explain all of that down below. Even though at this moment it’s not one of the best gear set you can get, you can still make a decent build with it.

It’s not going to make that big of a difference like the AlphaBridge gear set, but after the 1.5 update came to live, this build will give you an extra 10% armor penetration and also stacking damage the build offers.

Making the Striker’s Gear Set Build with the Armor Damage

This is one of the biggest challenges. Getting the Enemy Armor Damage on this build is a must because the set already gives us an extra 10% of Enemy Armor Damage. First of all, let’s just check all of the stats that the Striker’s Gear Set offers to us. Afterward, we’ll continue with our best possible build.

So, as we can see it gives us + 20% stability, +10% Enemy Armor Damage and when using the full set we get a really good bonus, which is Every consecutive shot is dealing more damage for 1%. This effect stacks up to 100%. On the other side, the bad part in this talent is that it drops the stacks by 2% if you miss a bullet. Also, if you are not shooting, the bonus gets reduced by 1% every 1 second.

Being one of the not that frequently used gear sets, the Striker’s set (with a little bit of buff in the future) could become one of the most favored gear sets. It should be buffed just to be closer to some of the sets like the AlphaBridge. At the moment, it’s far away behind the AlphaBridge set. I mean, being in-game and meeting all the people, 75% of them use or aim towards the AlphaBridge set. However, we are here to try and change all of that. Let’s boost the Enemy Armor Damage and go Rogue whenever we want.

Jump straight to the Division 1.6 Update

Striker’s Gear Set Advantage and Calculation

  • Let’s say the enemy player have 50% armor while the attacker, you, have 40% enemy armor damage. The enemy player ignores a percentage of your armor reduction which is 13.33. That means if he got 50 overall, after you shoot him he will get down to 36.67 armor. Please, feel free to correct me about this.

Since the update 1.5 introduce us to the Enemy Armor Damage in PVP, the 10% of extra Enemy Armor Damage is a must. We can get them by using the Striker’s set. So, now we rely only on Enemy Armor Damage. However, the damage dealt is not even comparable to the AlphaBridge Set. I do not know if the Enemy Armor Damage is working legit? I mean, sometimes I get the enemy armor damage, which means I deal big amount of damage, but sometimes I just don’t. This is what’s bothering me actually.

Since we explained the PVP armor damage, let’s move forward with the explanation about the set pieces and their rolls.

Striker’s Mask

As we said, this build is all about the Enemy Armor Damage. So, basically, you will need to get as much as high Enemy Armor Damage you can get. Below, you can see the mask we’re using.

So we got Crit Hit Chance and also we have 7.50 Enemy Armor Damage. Even though it’s not the highest EAD you can get, we must make the EAD sky high. So, getting these two stats are really nice if you’re using this set.

Striker’s Knee Pads

You should get almost the same stats on the knee pads, especially get the Enemy Armor Damage. Otherwise, the build is not going to be that effective. Below you can see our Striker’s Knee Pads.

It’s pretty much the same, getting the Enemy Armor Damage on every Striker’s set piece you can get is a must. We got 11.50% on this one so we are kinda alright. The maximum is 12%. The other stats should be whatever you aim at, how is your build getting transferred. Building towards burn resistance, bleed resistance or disruption resistance is your choice. However, I think that the bleed and burn are the most annoying at this moment. Moving forward, let’s just have a look at our Striker’s Pack and Holster.

Striker’s Pack

As we said, the perfect Striker’s pack stats would look similar to the picture above. Yes, but why ammo capacity? Because hitting the Dark Zone and start PVPing without that stat is pretty much bad. Well, at least it’s bad for me because I love going Rogue and surviving through it. Without the ammo capacity, what are you going to do if you are pushed to fight against the neverending chasers trying to get you down? That’s why I prefer sticking to the Ammo Capacity.

Strikers Holster

Holster, not very much to speak about. Pretty much the same stats, getting the armor is all you need.

However, I might be able to reroll the firearms stat just to get a higher value on it, but, patience is golden. Let’s see what’s going to come in near future, you never know.

Chest Armor and Gloves

Speaking about these two items, they should mostly like in every single build you use. So, basically, either you get a Vigorous chest piece or Barret’s Chest Piece. Also, the Savage gloves are needed by far. You do not need to experiment and add different items, because if you are a damage dealer, these two items should be on your character’s body.

Weapons and weapon talents

I am sticking to an Assault Rifle while using this build. The Assault Rifles gives you a base of Enemy Armor Damage which in our case is 22%. This is a big value when it comes to building a Striker’s Gear Set Build. LVOA-C is my choice and I personally do not care that much about my secondary weapon. But, getting a Shotgun or an SMG as a second weapon is a nice option. Shotgun will make the enemies Stagger which is going to flinch the enemy, making it even harder for them to hit you. However, this applies at close range only.

The weapon mods should be as always, Headshot Damage, Crit hit Damage and Crit hit Chance. Getting the Crit Hit Damage as a first roll might be better because it will give you a lot of Damage Boost. You can get up to 20% of it. Even if the game doesn’t calculate this right, getting the crit hit damage is still very important in the game.

Weapon Talents

The weapon talents should be something like the ones on the picture above. Do not forget to get the Destructive talent on the weapon. We are using Striker’s set only because of the new game change and that is the PVP Enemy Armor Damage. In that order, we must get the Destructive talent because it’s the only one that lowers the Enemy Armor Damage. Otherwise, using the Deadly and Brutal is one of the best for me and I’ve always been using them.

Skills and Talents

At the moment I am using the Pulse and the First Aid skill. However, I have all the needed mods to boost my Seeker nade damage. So, I might swap to the seeker nade damage because as I can see it’s pretty good in PVP nowadays. I will update this article around this.

Gear Mods

Armor, armor and armor. That’s all I have to say. However, the performance mods should be according to your skills. As I said above, I am planning to use the Seeker Grenade and I should use seeker nade boosters, nothing else. Same thing goes with everything else, sticky nade, turret… etc.

Full Look of the Build

This is where we stand at the moment. Firearms 6311, Stamina 5622 and 2763 Eletronics while our Enemy Armor Damage is at 66%. We can go beyond that, we just need to get the perfect EAD rolls on the mask and also the knee pads. Overall, It’s not that bad, but not good either.

Where to farm Striker’s Gear Set?

You can pretty much get it anywhere you want. But, you can get a guaranteed drop with doing the Falcon Lost, Clear Sky and Dragon’s Nest. Falcon Lost will give you Gloves and Mask, Clear Sky will give you Chest and Holster and Dragon’s Nest will drop a Backpack and Kneepads.

Update 1.1: All the strange things

Well, first of all, comparing the Striker’s Gear Set to the AlphaBridge is really strange. While playing PVE I definitely deal a lot more damage with the AlphaBridge set, but however, when I start playing PVP and attack human players, I feel like they are going down a lot faster with the Strikers Gear Set. I deny everything I’ve said about the comparison above. However, I am still missing the max EAD on my gear and when I get that I will tell you how fast are they going to die.

However, I was trying this against the same players, just went up in the checkpoint, equiped my Striker’s and they started dying a lot faster. Like, it was really strange. I really do not know any kind of explanation for this except that the Enemy Armor Damage is broken. I will let you know about this more in the next update.

Update 1.2: Using the Showstopper

Well, I can just confirm that using The ShowStopped, the new golden shotgun is totally alright. The only problem is that you must get it first. Also, do not pay attentions on the Showstopper stats because it should be good since the moment it drops. I am pretty sure that getting a Deadly on it will be enough. Do not worry about the performance of it. Its rate of fire is really amazing and also the Stagger should come big with it. This means you can own people on close range very easy with the strikers set as you are going to stack the damage like insane.

Caution: Use the Showstopper at close range only!

From now on, I will keep you posted about the build. Whenever there’s something new to add, I’ll do it instantly. Going back in the game to farm all the needed gear. Stay tuned, there is more to come.

Update 1.3: Boosting that Toughness Before the 1.6 update

Guys, I’ve been trying lots of different things and finally found the best way of setup for Striker’s gear set Build. I mean, it was way too high on DPS and since you’re starting to lose DPS bonus at around 5.5k of firearms, this is not needed. Let’s see where we stand at this moment.

Getting that toughness is a must. This is also the point where we start to be annoying to enemy players by boosting that extra armor and stamina. After you hit 5.3k or 5.5 firearms you do not need to go further. You probably know that after that number of firearms you will start losing DPS, meaning it’s not worth. Instead, grab that max stamina and armor reduction.

One of the guys from the ETF team said that armor damage is not going to be that important in the 1.6 update. However, I do not believe that unless I see it later. Probably the SEEKR build will become the new meta together with the Tactician’s Authority Set and Striker’s together with Sentry.

Weapons & mods.

I’ve took my LVOA-C back, which owns Destructive, Brutal and Deadly. Well, if the ETF guy was right, Destructive and also Brutal are not going to be that important. Every single weapon and every single damage build should aim towards Crit Hit Chance and Crit Hit Damage, and that’s what we did. This is what you need to go when modding your primary weapon, because Crit Hit Damage and Striker’s is really OP. As a secondary weapon, I still stick to the Showstopper even though I am not using it at all. It just stands there. I do not feel the Showstopper that good. Because of that, I will switch to my Tactical Super 90 SBS shotty.

Note that it’s 280k DPS because of no Accuracy mods at all. For you who do not know, get away from the accuracy because Crit Hit Damage is all you need with the Striker’s Gear Set.

I mean, the shotguns are only good in close fights. You cannot rely on them that much. Getting that 349% Stagger is going to be cool and also really annoying for your opponents. Another fact is that the LVOA-C is also good in close fights when you’re using Striker’s. When the enemy is close to you, you are going to get that extra damage from the Gear Set and pop their head out. Another Reason why we’ve boosted our Toughness and Stamina instead of the Firearms. That’s all I have to add for now guys, see you around with more updates. Close-range fights and long-range fights is what you need.

Update 1.4: Getting there!

I’ve been trying this build on the 1.6 PTS and I can really really tell you it’s sooooo good. Another fact is that I still hold the LVOA-C and is melting people down. At this moment I still run my Vigorous chest piece as it seems to be really good. Everything else is left the same, except some tweaks. We just need to work on our toughness. Our toughness now is 3.6 instead of what it was as you can see in the post above.

Believe me guys, it’s just pure melting. Still haven’t met anyone that will put me down one on one. Do not know why, but I hope I will find that guy soon to see what kind of build he’s using. Noe more experiments for me, I am pretty sure I will run the Striker’s Gear Set. Also, now when the SEEKR is gone and AB Nerfed. Striker’s might be the only thing you want to run with. Going to try Sentry for sure, after 1.6 patch comes on the Live Servers.

One more thing, I’ve swapped my Super 90 shotty with SHOWSTOPPER again. I do not see running super 90 when every single weapon now receives its buff fully. Stagger is a real pain at the moment. But, I do not use it that much because getting those extra Stacks with the LVOA-C is just nice. Check out the last stand video below. The video was before the PTS 3. Now, it’s just even better!

1.6 The Division Update

Well, I’ve said I will continue to work around on my Striker’s Build after the 1.6 update comes to live. I honestly think that the Striker’s Gear Set is a top tier after the 1.6 update and one of the best to use for dealing a high amount of damage. This Striker’s gear set is kind of unique and you can use it in the Dark Zone, Last Stand, PVE, whatever you want to do, your choice. Well, enough talking, let’s preview the 1.6 update changes and what we’ve modified since the 1.5 update. First of all, let us see our full stats.

Now, I think you can note the changes we’ve already done. We’re using a Specialized backpack and a Nimble Holster. Because of these two changes, we are using another two talents instead of these.

1.6 Update: Talents

Because of our Nimble holster, we have changed the talents, getting the two cover to cover talents: Tactical Advance and Evasive Action. They are useful literally everywhere as it may boost your damage and thanks to the Nimble holster you can get your HP back.

I do not plan to speak anything about the skills because the skills will be pretty much the same. Thanks to the Specialized backpack talent, we can get a bit more heal by using the Booster Shot. However, I always aim to use the booster shot with my booster shot when I am aiming and fighting 1v1. That’s how we get a bit more damage resistance and damage output.


Now, since we are using the Striker’s Gear Set in the 1.6 patch, we aim to get a more stable weapon. So because of that, I would love to suggest you go with the Lightweight M4. Comparing it to the LVOA-C it has a lot more stable recoil and that’s what you want to get while using Striker’s. Otherwise, you might fail at successful boosting your damage.

The secondary weapon choice should be a Shotgun, at any point. Shotguns are the best option for a Striker’s Gear Set so that’s why we went for the Black Market SASG-12. I don’t know, the Showstopper is also a good choice but I feel missing out a mod can be really bad.

Lightweight M4 Talents: Unforgiving, Brutal, Deadly or Unforgiving, Responsive, Deadly.

Black Market SASG-12 Talents: Responsive, Deadly, Unforgiving.

Gear Stats

Speaking of the gear stats, well, try to get your Health stat on everything you can. On the mask, get your Crit Hit Chance and on the gloves, get AR damage + CHC and CHD. I do not have anything else to say about this build since we’re talking about an update. However, I am working on something else too so I might surprise you again, hopefully.

Just make sure you use your cover to cover at the right time and everything should be alright. That should be it, I hope you’ll love it. If I find anything else new, I will post an update immediately. Take care guys, agent out.

1.6 Striker’s Final Build – Video Update

Alright guys… this is probably the end of our build. I am pretty sure a lot of people will just be amazed of our choice, but however, it is what it is. This suits us the best. After this update, we are going to finally conclude our final Striker’s build and it’s the end of our Striker’s build, overall. I hope you’ll enjoy the video.

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  1. Thanks for the help. I am running 4 stikers and 2 deadeye. Despite running lexington hour after hour I was still unable to get Barretts CP. Your reviews are very informative and I need to pay more attention to the re-rolls. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Hey Steve, thanks for you comment, yeah, it seems like the Striker’s will be really op when the 1.6 comes to live actually. Tried it on the PTS and it’s freaking insane. Believe me, it will be one of the metas…

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