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The Division’s Best Dark Zone Gear Sets

As we started building new sets and guides for The Division, we’ve been thinking about which are the best sets for joining the Dark Zone as a group of 4. Four agents, asking what would be the best Dark Zone Gear Sets when playing in a group. Well, we are here to answer that question. As we play day by day, we are thinking on releasing even more tips for The Division.

So, basically, we are speaking about max co-op when it comes to The Division’s Dark Zone and the best PVP experience you can ever get. I mean, come on, we do know that a lot of players enjoy going rogue but after the 1.5 went live it’s hard to do that all by yourself. Simply, you cannot down a group of 4 guys that have the almost perfect build or even far away from that build, no matter what you do.

Are you ready for this?

Dark Zone Best Gear Sets When Playing in a Group

You probably know that the best gear set is not the only thing you need to take care of. First of all, it comes the role of the player, then, the Gear Sets for joining the Dark Zone as a group. So, before you go in the Dark Zone or before you even speak to your team about which sets should you get, make sure you choose carefully. There must be a player that have the best aim, actually make them 2, there also must be 1 tank that will use the utility and one electronics guy that will help you survive through that fight.

So, starting from that point, from all of those sets in the game there must be a perfect 4 guy sets that should make your way through surviving in the Dark Zone. Let’s start explaining the sets and survive the Manhunt status a lot easier from now on.

2 players getting the AlphaBridge Gear Set

So, this is what the damage dealers should get. Nothing else. Since the Strikers set is not working and does not lower the armor of the target for all the party members, instead it lowers only for the attacker, it should not be used. So, getting the AlphaBridge Gear Set is definitely a must. Does it matter if they get different weapon talents? No, let them pick on their own. It depends on what kind of style they play and which kind of weapons they prefer to use. Just a reminder on the AlphaBrodge bonuses:

By using this set you will get advantage from the different weapon talents. So getting 1 Marksman Rifle Player and an Assault Rifle or an SMG player in your team would definitely be nice. However, I prefer to stick to my LVOA-C and the talents in our previously made AlphaBridge Ger Set Build. For a start, they can definitely orientate by using our build. From there, they can take any path they want.

Moving forward…

FireCrest Gear Set

We all know what kind of set is the FireCrest gear set. From the stats, we can just see that it should be used by a player that’s half-supportive and focused on stamina. His HP should be high on both himself and the turrets. The FireCrest gear set is one of the most powerful gear sets for a team fight. By Using the Flame turret you should be able to keep the enemy players distanced from your group. Also, you will put them on fire if they do not have any kind of resistance or support station ready on their group.

Getting that extra 50% Flame Turret Range and 30% Flame Turret Damage is more than enough to win a teamfight and put the enemies on fire.

The only focus on this guy is to get it’s turret HP boosted SKY-HIGH. Nothing else. Believe me, I’ve met players with flame turrets that you cannot even destroy them down. You probably know the ways of doing that so we are not going to explain that right now. The enemy team will need 4 guys to shoot the turret in order to destroy it. That scenario is the scenario you want. Even if they focus the turret you will put them down for the time being. It’s pretty simple.

Playing in a group of 4 is not that simple. All of the players should play for a longer period of time so they can get to know each other. Otherwise, it’s going to be hard for you. That’s why we said this matters only when playing together with friends.

That being said, let’s move to the last and probably the most important Role.

Reclaimer Gear Set

So as you can see below. The Reclaimer Gear Set gives you 50% consumables duration and also Support Station duration. So, this guy needs to get the Immunizer Support Station. This should pretty much help you in every single fight. Because of that, what he needs to do is boost the HP of it and also if possible the range of the Immunizer. By doing that, your team will move further whenever they’re in danger. You do not need to worry for the duration of the Support Station, instead getting the Skill Haste would be a nice job. Why? Because after the 1.5 patch everyone can kill and die really fast. There is no need to hold the station for that long.

If you ask me, this guy is the most important guy in the team fights. I know that the damage dealers and the FireCrest guy must develop in a team fight, but this guy should definitely open his eyes on what’s going on on the field. He needs to have fast hands and quick reactions. That counts the Consumables too. Using the right consumable at the right time is life changing. He can pretty much save all of his teammates. However, this guy should not focus on the fights that much like the other three players.

Getting the fact that he’s going to pick the consumables for the whole team so he should definitely pay attention what’s going on. This means when he uses his consumables your consumables will go on cooldown too.

For now, we do not have anything else to add. From this build and so on, you can build towards anything you want. Soon, we’re planning on releasing the right skill choice the whole group or maybe update this article with that info. We hope you enjoy this article and if you do, do not forget to leave your comments down below.

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Dark Zone Best Gear Sets When Playing in a Group

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    1. Hey man, I’ve tried Striker’s Gear Set too, it seems awesome but for Last Stand, this is more than alright. I’ve been playing since the 1.6 came out and tired myself of trying out different builds. This one fits me just fine. There’s one more thing to try, the Sentry with the Urban MDR and see how that goes. However… I am still farming an Urban MDR and now I cannot play Last Stand because of the glitchers that use the point multiply thing just to get caches… FeelsSadMan. Regarding this set, yes, try it and you’ll see the damage output.

      1. What do you mean the point multiply thing? Explain the glitches plz. Yes for striker its a good set. But do you know what is better than Striker? 3-piece of Alpha bridge and 3-piece of striker that way you get 20% stability more 10% enemy Armor damgae more 100% health regeneration and 5% more of weapon damage.. til now its my best set

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