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The Unspoken: The Magic In VR Gaming

The Unspoken is the name of a game which makes you a spellcasting magician.

the unspoken game

The good old devs Insomniac Games brings us The Unspoken game available for VR. This action game offers players to dive into the world of magicians and challenge each other in duels. It’s all about magic in The Unspoken. Insomniac Games says that the magic is real.

All you have to do in The Unspoken is to protect yourself from the spellcasters or attack back with varieties of objects. You have to throw that objects trough your opponent in order to survive. Usually, the matches are done in urban places, streets or alleys. Fireballs and shields are you primal weaponry but like I mention before, use the everyday objects as most deadly weapons.

The game will be available in few days, December 6th to be exact. You can experience “The Unspoken” now only for VR Oculus Rift.


  • One vs. One PVP allows you to test your spellcasting skills against friends and strangers.
  • Cast powerful spells. Use a crow skull to summon a destructive Dark Flock, or a tiny effigy to mold street trash into a massive Debris Golem ally. Use a marker to draw a Mystic Wall that becomes an impenetrable shield, or wield a hammer and anvil to forge a shield-shattering Javelin.
  • Unlock and master more than 25 spells, with multiple arenas to conquer.

Be artistic use your skills and fight to defeat, not to survive.

Let us know what you think about this magical game down in the comments.



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