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Tommy Gun and AlphaBridge Gear Set As a Combo

Even though everyone thinks that using the AlphaBridge set with an SMG is really bad, imagine using the Tommy Gun Small Machine Gun. It owns a really OP talent which is called Carefree that boosts the Hip Fire damage by 11%. Since I just got the Tommy Gun SMG I will make changes in my AB Gear Set and use SMG’s. Instead of the Tommy Gun, I will get something like the PP19 or maybe AUG. The Combination of Tommy Gun and AlphaBridge Gear Set can be really amazing. Let’s see how’s that going to look.

Tommy Gun and AlphaBridge Gear Set WorkAround

Let’s see the Tommy Gun Talents down below. As you can see, the Tommy Gun owns the Carefree talent which is going to help you boost your Hipfire damage by 11%. You cannot get this talent on a normal weapon. The Tommy Gun will not offer you more than one weapon mod slot. Yes, the Tommy Gun offers only 1 weapon mod slot.

Why would someone need the Tommy Gun? Equipping two weapons of the same category by using the AB Gear Set will give you the chance to stack extra talents. This is where the Carefree talent starts to hit hard. As you can see, we have rerolled 1 of the talents to Responsive, and now all we need is another SMG gun with Deadly and Brutal on it. One of the biggest advantages is that the Tommy Gun comes with a big magazine. Luckily for me, I’ve got the one with a bigger magazine ammo which is 50 bullets. Since the Tommy Gun offers only the Magazine Weapon Mod Slot, imagine putting a Magazine size ~+100%.

Tommy Gun Crit Hit Damage Bonus

The Crit Hit Damage on the Tommy Gun we got is:

However, all of the excitement might come to an end because of the need to use the other SMG because it will offer more weapon mod slots.

While everyone thinks that the SMG’s are bad, this might come as a great turnaround. Everything we need right now is to find a nicely rolled SMG with Deadly, Brutal and Destructive on it. Even though Deadly is not that big of an option right now, we are still going to need it because we’ll do a lot of Hip firing that might result not hitting the players in the head.

Tommy Gun SMG

Update 1.1: It looks as good as you can get

I said that I will update this article and I do it right away. Getting the needed MP5 with Brutal and Deadly + Destructive on it payes out. I was needed to reroll to get the Brutal on it. However, now we our hip firing is a lot stronger, just imagine if you headshot someone. It’s going to be dope. The only bad thing with using this build is that you cannot find on longer range. Instead, you will be needed to get closer and be inside the enemy lines.

Overall, I am dealing around 90k Hipfire HS Crit DPS. This means it’s pretty decent. Having and SMG might not be working good in PVE surroundings, but it’s definitely looking good while PVP-ing.

This is how the MP5 talents look alike at the moment:

Now, let’s go inside the Dark Zone and have some fun, because I think we got everything covered over here.

If you grab the Tommy Gun, the hip fire penalty will be NONE and you will get increased hip fire damage. Using the AlphaBridge with this weapon is a must, so do not forget that.

Tell us what are your thoughts on this in the comments down below. Golden gear does matter in The Division, and we just proved it once more. As soon as I get the perfect SMG I will update you on how’s it gonna be. It should be pretty good though!

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