Treant Protector’s Bash Can Win Games Very Easy

Treant Protector has been reworked after the last Dota 2 7.00 patch. Regarding that, we are going to just see what has been changed. It seems that everything for Treant Protector has been changed in a positive way. Why is that so? After a decent rate pick in the previous patch, this patch should become even more interesting for all of Treant Protector lovers. It seems that no one can hold in the game after receiving Treant Protector’s bash thanks to Nature’s Guise spell.

After the rework, treant protector doesn’t hold the same spells as before. There are changes that will amaze you. Given the fact that we are only trying to only publish the best and worse of the Dota 2 7.00 changes, we finally find ourselves a winner. Instead of minor changes we have a major change on his first spell, Nature’s Guise. Treant Protector was known by his third spell which is the Living Armor. That spell got nerfed short ago, but however, he remained the guy with a decent pick ratio. He is also known as the Hero that can reveal the whole map by getting an Aghanim’s Scepter. That’s what you should go for too!

Treant Protector’s Bash Feels not fair and really strong

In addition to the invisibility, the same Nature’s Guise spell can bash an enemy if attacked. Nature’s Guise is pretty much the spell that makes all players go mad. I’ve been playing both with him and against him, and believe me, you do not want to be the opponent. Back in the days, Nature’s Guise was an Active Spell, which means you need to activate it in order to go invisible if you’re close to a tree. Now, that spell is passive and it comes with a new OP addition.

You can see the picture above which is taken after the 7.00 patch. It’s clear that the spell is Passive and cannot be dispelled. What it does is turns you invisible if you are close to 265 radius of a tree for 6/5/4/3 seconds. It also increases movement speed by 16/22/28/34 while invisible. But, however, the most annoying part is the bash. When he comes out of invisibility and attacks person, or attacks someone while invisible (which breaks the invisibility), he bashes the attacking unit for 1/1.4/1.8/2.2 seconds. Well, given the fact that on the last level it bashes the target for 2.2 seconds, it hurts a lot. By this, we mean on disrupting channeling abilities, stopping TP’s… all in all, it’s really unbearable.

Annoying spell

It feels like we have Riki in the game, well, even better than him. Let us not forget that he owns other spells such as Leech Seed, Living Armor and Overgrowth, which makes him even more annoying. He can be ganking all around the map by going invisible. Now, when there are 4 bounty runes spawning on the map, he can take the advantage of the invisibility and take the enemy bounty rune anytime he wants.

Nature’s Guise is also a spell that cannot be broken or dispelled. This means whenever your invisibility activates, you will just stay invisible, nothing’s going to break that until you move away from the trees. Dust and Gem’s can just reveal you, but however, you can still bash enemies and blink away to safety. Becoming one of the hardest heroes to kill is what every single support players loves. Living armor will save enemies, Leech seed will pretty much slow them and tick damage of them, but, his bash will stop slow him even more.

Nowadays, when Treant Protector comes to create a gank, you must be sure that you are going to die. There are still a lot of heroes in the game that feels broken after the 7.00 patch. Is this just temporary or permanent? This is the question I do not know how to answer. We’ll see what is going to happen in near future. Being able to “exploit” these new changes in the game might bring you to a higher MMR bracket, who knows. I am seeing a lot of players doing the same thing.

Hitting the bash

I just wanted to show you how the bash looks, that’s why I decided to make a gif animation. After Treant Protector Hits an enemy he becomes visible for 3 seconds when Nature’s Guise is on the fourth level. After the 3 seconds, he goes invisible again. Do you think this change will make Treant Protector be one of the most picked support heroes? I personally do think so! He is going to be one of the most amazing heroes to play with as a support. All those things we said above are already feeling too Overpowered. Let’s just wait and see what Valve is going to do around this. You can see the Bash gif below. Note that the attacks out of invisibility cannot miss at all. So if you are Phantom Assasin or you have some kind of Evasion it’s not going to save you.

Treant Protector’s Talent Tree

It doesn’t just end here. After the 7.00 update we’ve been introduced with a new Talent Tree. Well, let’s see Treant Protector’s Talent Tree below.

I always get +90 gold/min because I already have faster movement speed while invisible and 15% cooldown reduction. The first talent on level 10 and last on level 25 it’s totally your choice. After that you can easily get your midas and get the Aghanim’s Scepter really fast. You should be getting HoM even faster than that.

Tell us what do you think about Treant Protector’s changes in the comments down below.

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