Ubisoft’s For Honor Seems Really Satisfying

We may haven’t been able to participate in the first For Honor Beta of the game, but we are able to participate in its technical test. We do not even know where to begin from, given the fact that For Honor seems really satisfying and the game promises a lot.

Starting from the intro, then going towards the gameplay, graphics, sound, everything seems just so perfect. Even though the technical test of the game has been given to us to report bad issues, we have not encountered any of them. The game just looks astonishing overall, nothing else to add. The Graphics seems crystal clear and every single particle feels just so alive. Fighting for honor and piece is the way to go. We found this game as a really competitive one. Why? Seems like you must get revenge if you lose a fight. Every single time you lose a fight, you feel like you lost everything in the fight for peace and honor.

The full game will launch on 14 of February 2017.

For Honor seems really satisfying since the beginning of the game

You will get a brief walkthrough how the game works, the fighting mechanics, locking to an enemy and switching targets. Guides for starting an attack, blocking an attack, parrying, breaking guard mode… everything. Moving away from that, you will get the know all the game modes that are about to come. We can confirm that this game will keep you stuck to your gaming chair and make you play until you master all of your skills and win every single battle.

As soon as you jump in the game, you will be asked to choose who would you fight for from the three given options to pick. You can choose between Knights, Vikings and Samurai. No matter what you choose you won’t be bounded from picking different heroes and will not affect your gameplay in any way. So, what are you going to choose? 🙂

Knights: Warden, Conqueror, PeaceMaker, Lawbringer.

Vikings: Raider, Warlord, Berserker, Valkyrie.

Samurai: Kensei, Shugoki, Orochi, Nobushi

Every single one of them has different skills, movesets and titles. This makes For Honor even more hard to master. It is another reason why you should buy this game. If you feel yourself being a competitive person, this game is a “must” for you.

Game modes

For Honor offers you to choose between Multiplayer, Quick match, and Custom Match. Well, this game is all about the multiplayer and its sub game modes. The Sub modes are Elimination which is 4v4, Dominion which is also 4v4 and a Duel mode. Duel mode gives you the chance to fight 1v1 and try to beat your opponent by using your best combos and execution of the right moveset.

In this way, you can only get better in the game. Believe me, it’s hard as it can get. This is one of the reasons this game is really competitive. Just as the title of the game says, For Honor.

Graphics and Sound

As we said above, even this preload we had the chance to play it’s actually a technical test, the graphics, and sound of the game are not affected, so everything just looks perfect. This is another reason for you to buy this game. You will enjoy every single detail for sure!


For Honor’s gameplay offers a lot. By a lot, I mean on the resources you get and what can you do with them. You will be able to upgrade your character, hero and its armor and weapons he has. Salvaging items will give you materials for upgrading your gear, and for every fight you win you will get resources too. Also, this game is not Pay 2 Win, which is another reason to buy the game.

Fights, Taunts, Animations… just speechless.

Fights & Gear

The fights in For Honor just look clean and amazing. At first look, you might say, “Alright, this game is making me mad because I cannot win a fight.” No! That is happening because of your own mistakes. If you keep on losing every single fight you must stop playing multiplayer, at least for the time being until you master your moveset. You will be able to Scavenge Gear with buying packs in the Hero Customization section. Also, you will be able to dismantle the gear you do not need in order to get additional resources and upgrade materials.

One more thing that’s really important for us and we believe it will happen, it’s that For Honor can make big changes in the online competitive scene with hosting tournaments.

There is even a lot more stuff to cover in this game, but however, I think it’s enough for a technical test version of the game. We hope we’re going to cover even more in the Full Release of the game. Until then, take care!

Tell us what do you think about For Honor in the comments down below.

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