Warframe Glast Gambit Available Now!

Glast Gambit is now available and offers new Warframe, weapons, customizations and Riven mods.

Nidus is the new Warframe with 4 abilities, Virulence, Larva, Parasitic Link, Ravenous and Undying as his passive skill. So here is what they do:

Larva – Creates an infested pod and pulls the enemy into it

Virulence – Splits the ground with fungal, that steals energy from the enemies and if this force hits any enemy for 5 times, it will multiply the destructive force

Parasitic Link – Connects to a target, and also increases the damage of the allies

Undying РIf Nudis gets killed with 10 stacks of mutation, he can consume them and becomes invulnerable with 50% health

Ravenous – Gluttonous maggots feast their nearby enemies until they burst with an infestation.

Now, the new weapons and customizations are corrupted by the infestation. Hema and Hirudo are the new weapons. Thorac Syandana is the new spine of infested anatomy. With the Riven Mods you can now weld your shotguns and secondary weapons.

In the new quest, the Glast Gambit, you have to bring the missing kids back to the Mycona Colony. Nef Anyo, he is the one responsible for the missing kids. Challenge him and get them before somebody hurts them!

Seems easy right? Beware Tenno and finish the mission.

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