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Ballistic Overkill Patch 1.3.3 Adds New Map, The Reinstate Factory

Being noted as Ballistic Overkill’s 10th map, the Reinstate Factory is one of the best-designed maps to explore the abilities of all the classes. Ballistic Overkill Patch 1.3.3 – Reinstate Release is what players were looking for marking it as one of the best.

Despite the new map release there are also a lot of other improvements made. Party play can be easier to organize since there are also added a password protected servers. No need of Steam invite anymore. Ballistic Overkill will become a better game for all its players.

Also, in patch 1.3.3 you will reveal you on the radar if you stay on Enemy Area, despite the class you’re playing. This is made to prevent spawn camping.

Ballistic Overkill Patch 1.3.3 Bug Fixes and Balance Changes

In addition to the password protected servers, the best part is that there are new servers in China. They aim to improve the gameplay experience in Asia. Multi-thread improvements have been done and some parts of code are changed in order to optimize it for better use of multiple cores. This should lead toward less frame drops. However, open your eyes on this one and make sure you give the needed feedback if anything still goes wrong.

With this new patch, the Steam invite should be working again and Capture Point should score points every time. Nox Museum also received some changes and no more collision issues will appear.

Vanguard, Shadow and Grenadier have been changed in order to improve a better gameplay experience and bring more balance to the game. For more detailed info around this, make sure you visit this link.

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