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Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment Is Coming Soon!

Yes, Battlefield 1 will open its doors in order to deploy more effective improvements. The Community Test Environment will become available soon and it only comes for PC, at least for the time being. Battlefield 1 Veterans should be also familiar with the CTE.

Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment

Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment

What is CTE? Community Test Environment will be similar to a Public Test Servers, what other games are using as a shortcut. BF1 Community Test Environment will offer players to experiment any new content and give the players a chance to drop their thoughts on what comes next. Every single new feature that comes in the game it should be tested on the BF1 CTE first.

This should also help the game in a positive manner, including the growth of its community. Players will now interact with the developers by giving their feedback. Seems like this is becoming very popular nowadays across all the gaming powerhouses.

However, at the beginning you only a selected group of players will have the chance to join in the beginning, and it will be activated with a code on Origin on PC.

Looking on the bright side, public registration is also available. Players will be able to register for the BF1 CTE and more details about the registration can be found on the following link: http://bit.ly/bflcte-registerpc.

For all the PS4 and Xbox players, do not worry, you will get the chance to jump in the CTE as soon as possible and a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass is needed.

Source: https://www.battlefield.com/news/article/join-community-test-environment-battlefield-1




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