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Battlefield 1: Get The Capricorn Dog Tag Right Now

There will be a new zodiac Community mission where Battlefield 1 is going to test your medic skills. If you perform good, you will get the Capricorn Dog Tag as a reward.

Battlefield 1: Capricorn Dog Tag

The Community Mission will be active between January 18 9AM PT and January 23, 9AM PT. In this period you will be able to get the Capricorn Dog Tag.

What you need to do

All you need to do is jump into any Battlefield 1 multiplayer mode and try to perform 20 revives and 5 kills with the Syringe.

Getting the Capricorn Dog Tag is a must for a lot of players! Let’s go in-game and do our best in accomplishing the Community mission.

Do not be surprised if you do not get the Capricorn Dog Tag after you get 20 revives and 5 kills with the Syringe, because the reward will come after the event is finished and mission period is over.

It is also limited to one per EA account. So, what are you waiting for? Jump in the game and Get the Capricorn dog tag right now!



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