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Brawlhalla Slasher

Brawlhalla Patch 2.44 Brings New Test Features, Game Balance and More

Brawlhalla just received new skins and game balance improvements, but it’s not just that. We are talking about big Brawlhalla update, meaning it has included a lot more than just that. Brawlhalla patch 2.44 will offer amazingly good stuff.

Brawlhalla Slasher

You can see the picture above, it’s the new Slasher Barazza Skin.

The New Brawlhalla update 2.44 will include new Legend Skins in Mallhalla which is then ew Slasher Barazza and Star Guardian Ember skins.

This Brawlhalla 2.44 update brings Map Adjustments on some of the maps like Shipwreck Falls and Thundergard Stadium. New test features will be added too.

Brawlhalla 2.44 update – Bug Fixes

Do not worry, it will bring a lot of bug fixes too. Mirage’s parts and her sig animation will now show up when playing online. Also, there is a bug fix and now Mirage Side Spear will scale Damage and Force when charged.

The launch animation will now rewind correctly and throws will now take the released direction input.

Ember Neutral bow will be fixed and now target will not fail to fall through a soft platform. And the last bug fix is Scythe Down Light is changed to strict line of sight when checking around corners.

For more detailed info of the 2.44 patch, you can visit this link.



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