Burning Sun Build Guide Heroes Arena

Burning Sun is a Mage character in Heroes Arena that uses his mana to cast spells. Very mobile Mage, with high mana points and magic defense. I made a guide on how to use his spells and what items Burning Sun needs to be MVP. So, check it out below.

burning sun build guide

Burning Sun is using 5 spells. One of them is a passive spell which adds Ignite to every target hit by a spell. It deals damage equal to 2% of target’s max HP. Flamespout is one of the casters. Burning Sun creates a sun crater after 0.8 seconds dealing 366 magic dmg. Burning Sun also stuns the target with Eruption for 1.2 seconds. With Flame, deals 266 magic damage and if the target is inflamed, then it will deal additional 133 magic damage. Flare is the ult. The sun is summoned, moving slowly only in front of Burning Sun and dealing 600 magic dmg. Use Eruption to stun the enemy, then his ult. While casting his ult, go for Flamespout and both spells will activate. Maybe this is a bug, but I took advantage of it 🙂

As you can see, he is dealing magic damage with every spell. So, I have decided to make a guide that will also increase Burning Sun’s HP, physical attack and attack speed.

  • Source of Magic – Every time you eliminate a hero or even if you assist, this item will restore 15% of Max Mana. It also increases magic attack, magic defense, mana regeneration speed and cooldown reduction
  • Piercing Boots – Adds +75 Magic Penetration
  • Eye of Curse – This item is with 2 effects, 1: +75 magic penetration, 2: spell deals 1% damage equal to target’s HP. Also increases HP and magic attack
  • Scepter of Life – Increases magic attack +520 and adds 2 HP for each magic attack
  • Force of Gods – This is an attack item. I wanted to increase the attack speed. Yes, this is a mage hero, but you also need additional movement and attack speed. Adds +240 HP, +400 mana, +67 physical attack and +78 magic attack
  • Bone Staff-Lament – Spellvamp is increased by 20% with additional 560 HP and 260 magic attack points

If you are using different builds, please let me know in the comments below and I will check it out! Don’t forget to subscribe and get the best guides.

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