Crossout Update 0.3.14 Adds New Decor Elements, Horns!

Crossout Update 0.3.14 will bring a set of new decor elements. Horns! Being noted as interactive parts, each of them will have unique sound making that will make you stand out from others on the battleground.

Crossout Update 0.3.14 and their success

Have in mind that Crossout is a free to play MMO game which is trying to improve on a daily basis. It tries to bring a lot of players to the game. This also counts as one of the ways towards success.

They sound really nice and hell, you will have to choose the best fitting one for you. In this update players can also receive additional bonuses from the Horns, making them even more unique.

Because of the players and their inquiries, these Horns decor items are featured in the news updates and you can hear their sound.

Keep in mind that the horns are divided on different rarity, and these are coming as both epic and legendary.

I guess a lot of players will go for the Cucaracha Horn 🙂 because it sounds extremely good.

Make sure you don’t leave the Joker sound behind together with the Full House 2. They sound nice too, even if the rarity and attributes are different.

Do not worry, you can hear all the new Crossout Horns that will come with the 0.3.14 update. A nice add-up by the dev team so players can know exactly which one to pick up front.

Angel Kicevski

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