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Darknet will Join the PS VR Family in Early 2017

Yes guys, the hacker hit is going to hit PS VR in early 2017. One partnership opportunity will make this really happen. Darknet will Join the PS VR Family as soon as possible.

 Darknet will Join the PS VR Family

The award-winning puzzle game. Imagine all of viruses and exploits we can use on the VR. This can be a crazy and lifechanging experience as a lot of players would definitely enjoy it. Darknet was released in 2016 and has a really strong community.

This announcement came within a blog post on Playstation’s blog.

Bringing this kind of collaboration might change gamers world. PS VR should also make Darknet unique, with a unique playstyle and achieve something that players are constantly striving for.

Be sure to follow them on twitter in order to get the info when the game hits PS VR.

PS VR also came with a gameplay trailer showing its first look. You can see the trailer down below:



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