Dishonored 2: Game Update 2 is Now Live

Dishonored 2 receives its new PC Beta update, marked as Game Update 2. The update covers a lot of bug fixes adding a game custom difficulties and Mission restart and Mission select. The Mission Restart/Select option is now available from the pause menu and result screen.

Keep in mind that these Dishonored 2 fixes come only for the PC version. Well, the fact that the game is still being in Beta, points toward a lot more incoming fixes. The PC Beta should be removed from the title as fast as possible.

The new Game Update 2 should make Players Enjoy

Dishonored 2 bug where switching off the V-sync was causing the fps limited to be set to 30 instead of 60 by default is now fixed. The V-sync bug, which was marked as really annoying now should be completely fixed.

Also, the Fog Quality settings will no longer get you back to low after restarting the game.

This Dishonored 2 Game update 2 deploys a lot of general fixes too. It will fix crashing, save, localization, rendering, audio and collision issues. The game UI will also receive an update.

Being marked as a good and changing update, the Game Update 2 should bring us close to a final Dishonored 2 PC version release.

It should be a remarkable update where it fixes a lot of in-game issues.

For more detailed information about the changes, you can check this link.

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  1. finally! the footsteps are fixed and a lot of freaking annoying bugs! the PC version of dishonored 2 is just annoying, i got nothing else to add. I really hope the devs will step up and deploy even more fixes after this one. the game should be freaking insane and not like this. just shameful.

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