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Dota 2 In-Game Interface Update – Improved Shop and Hero Control Layout

Dota 2 received an improved in-game interface with various modifications to the Shop and Hero Control Console Layout. The Dota 2 January 2oth should make the game a lot better and easier to play.

Dota 2 In-Game Interface Update

The Shop interface has been reworked in order to restore the item grid towards the right-side orientation while allowing hero guides to appear on the left. Also, popular items are highlighted in the item grid too.

Dota 2 January 2oth update will also bring the players popular items and they will be updated based on the top purchased items from an MMR players of 5k and higher.

This means that low skill players can easily determine what kind of build to go for.

It’s not just that this Dota 2 Update will bring a Hero Controle Console layout adjustments. More precisely, heroes attributes will be always visible and will show both the base and bonus values. This was kinda needed because it was annoying looking at the total.

The Size and mana bars has been increased together with the multi-unit selection area and now multi-unit icon sizes will scale according to how many units you have selected.

Learning abilities hotkey

Yey, the old hotkey to learn an ability is now back. Hotkey support is also available for the Heroes Talent Trees. This Dota 2 update should bring smoother gameplay and better player experience.

For more detailed info about this Dota 2 January 20th patch you can visit this link.



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