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FireCrest Gear Set Build: Flame Turret is Fun!

Let’s take a look at our FireCrest Gear Set Build. Actually, we should rely on the Flame Turret build name more, because using the FireCrest Gear Set gives us this kind of boost. Let me just say from the beginning that this build does not rely on firing and shooting at enemies like the Alphabridge. This build relies on positioning, using skills precisely, different talents and skills.

Let’s just preview the FireCrest Gear Set below and see what kind of bonuses we get from it.

FireCrest Gear Set Build

So with 2 set equipped pieces of gear we get +3 Incendiary Grenade Capacity. With 3 set bonuses equipped we get +50% flame turret range and +30% flame turret damage, this is where the fun part comes to live. Also, If we equip 4 gear sets we will get +15% against burning targets.

FireCrest Gear Set Build Using Flame Turret

So, all of the above means that we must use the Flame Turret skill in order to use our bonuses in a most effective way. This Gear Set build can be used both by the supporters and damage dealers, where the damage dealer must equip 4 pieces of this set in order to get the last FireCrest bonus.

If you ask me, I prefer sticking to my AlphaBridge build when I run the Dark Zone solo and also with a group. The strange part is that I do not find any other set than the AlphaBridge good for Solo Dark Zone. Maybe the Striker’s Gear Set would do nice job, but however, the AB is a lot better for me. Playing The Division with a group of Friends is a lot more fun and in that order, I made this FireCrest build. Remember, it’s all about the fun when you play video games.

Let’s start from the gear.

You can see that we use the Mask, Knee Pads, BackPack, and Holster FireCrest Gear Set pieces. I’ve seen different options than this but, when there is a SET change I always prefer to stick to my savage gloves and either Vigorous or Barett’s Chest Armor. That’s where we stand at the moment.


From weapons, you can see that we got the MP5 at the moment. Do not worry, you can get any type of SMG Damage since you are going to have a lot of close fights thanks to this build.

Weapon Talents: Deadly, Destructive and Competent. As I’ve been speaking before, Competent is a really good choice. Destructive comes to live after the 1.5 update and Deadly, Deadly have also been there as a default :). Everyone loves to get Deadly.

As my secondary weapon I got the Showstopper since it can deal a lot more damage at close range too. I prefer sticking to my MP5, but if needed, I always switch to my Showstopper. Having the Competent talent + the Barett’s chest piece, you can deal pretty much damage with just one skill usage, and that’s your Flame Turret.

Ok, Let’s move forward.


What kind of Gear do we use? Since the Barett’s Bulletproof gives us different bonuses, it might look good with the FireCrest build, well show you why. Basically, when the skills are off cooldown and both available, we receive 10% more Electronics, which makes our first skill to be stronger. After we use the first skill, you damage will be higher for 5%. If you are pushed to use the second skill, which in our case is the Overdose skill, we will get an improved armor by 10%.

With using the Barett’s Chest it’s either 1, 2 or 3. You cannot get all the three bonuses at the same time, keep that in mind.

Do not forget to get the Enemy Armor Damage on any Gear you can. This can give you a lot more damage with the FireCrest build. All you need is to put an enemy on fire. However, it doesn’t seem to work like that because even after the fire is gone, you still deal a lot higher damage.

It might be a lot of Skill power at first look, but this is what’s going to change the ingame fight.

Skills – Abilities

Without talking much around this, Flame Turret and either Overdose or Booster Shot. Since we are Using the Barett’s Bulletproof Vest we are going to stick with the Overdose for now. Doesn’t matter if you play with a group or not, you must hold to your heal ability. Having all that skill power makes you more like a support player, and the transition from Damage to Support build is really hard, believe me :). Moving forward.


As I’ve said above, since we aim for a group play, the needed talents are shown in the picture below.

Triage, Critical Save, Combat Medic and Wildfire is what you need. Why? Triage can pretty much get your Flame Turret and Heal online and available to use. Critical Save will help you to survive a tough fight by increasing the damage resistance by 10% when a medkit is used at low HP. Combat Medic is all about healing the group by using a Medkit, not a heal skill and Wildfire is the one talent you must not miss. Wildfire has the chance to proc the Burn effect to any other enemy player within 10m to the target that’s actually on fire. Wildfire chance to proc is at 30%, so yes, it is worth.


This should be pretty clear, equipping either Stamina Mods with armor or Electronics with armor to get to these numbers. Also, using the Turret Health mods should help you a lot. Try getting the ones with 7% extra health and at least one with Turret Damage should be ok.


Your focus is to target the fire that’s on fire. You will see how much damage you will deal to that target. I’ve managed to kill 3 players while I was solo and trying this build.

Keep in mind that the build is not finished yet and we will update this article. This is just the beginning. And yeah, I almost forgot to say, If you turtle somewhere, you can switch to your Seeker mine in order to make things more fun :). However, you might want to get a little bit more stamina instead of Electronics. I just went for the electronics in order to make this more fun build.

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