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Gloria Victis Patch v.

Gloria Victis Patch v. Introduces 2 New Locations

A new update for Gloria Victis Patch v. is now released. It brings gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

Gloria Victis Patch v.

The two new locations are forts close by main cities. Basically, the forts are the last line of defense. So when a nation is dominating they have to burn houses in the enemy fort.

To make this event even better a new mechanics take place to Gloria Victis. This event name is The Last Stand. It starts 30 minutes after capturing all flags with the main goal to sabotage defense lines by setting up buildings on fire.

A new sabotage events are taking place in the game which can be found in mines and farms. Also, when swimming the stamina regeneration and HP are not important anymore.

You can now see the player’s nation icon in Glory window.

Here are the main issue fixes with the latest Gloria Victis Patch v.

  • Fixed an issue allowing to finalize looting enemy after getting kill
  • Fixed an issue causing occasional problems with finding proper neighbors in Glory window
  • An issue causing that arrows were disappearing from buttons in building upgrade panel is no longer a problem



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