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Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1.3.2: Better AI Awaits

Hearts of Iron IV is with a new update 1.3.2 and you can download it now on Steam. If the update is not downloading, just restart Steam and you are all set.

Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1 3 2This new patch brings major gameplay fixes and improvements. Improvements are taking place on AI air missions, airbase size limits and CTD.

You can now deploy in locations no matter if your capital state is not yours. Crusader Kings 2 achievement now needs correct states and a new flags script is added.

Also, you will no longer see air accidents. Australia will not have any issues demanding New Zealand.

In addition, changes are also made for the French language. There are a lot of changes, so if you want to see the full patch notes, please visit the official Hearts of Iron IV forum on Steam and find out more.

Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1.3.2 Notes

  • Fix for Crusader Kings 2 achievement. Flags are now set from events granting them immediate freedom
  • Added script flags for Crusader Kings 2 achievement if SAF chooses to puppet nations
  • Mil to Civ factory conversion now properly removes the military factory
  • Japan now creates own faction and adds New Zealand to it for befriending Japan focus
  • Changed trigger for Befriend Japan to require same ideology
  • Only create war goal on AST if ideology differs
  • Fixed has_goverment trigger doing the opposite of what it was supposed to
  • JAP will only create faction if not already in a faction
  • AST will join JAP if JAP already a leader of the faction. AST cannot befriend JAP if JAP is in another faction
  • Fixed an issue where in civil wars the dynamic tag side would end up with no manpower in their divisions and get them disbanded
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