Hearts of Iron IV Will Receive a Lot Of Improvements During This Year

Right after the 1.3.2 Hotfix that Hearts of Iron IV received, the dev team is thinking on something a lot bigger.

Hearts of Iron IV Will Receive a Lot Of Improvements

Being listening to the community, they are thinking on deploying a lot of improvements during this year. Hearts of Iron IV is a big and complex game and the dev team thinks to make the game a lot more stable in order to build new and cool stuff.

They are currently working on the 1.3.3 hotfix which is going to contain a lot of fixes that previous hotfixes did not. There are going to be a lot of general improvements, balance, AI and bug fixes.

Being a big game, this should make it a lot better. The community seems already hype and satisfied too and looking forward to this.

Overall, the 1.3.3 hotfix should add a lot of nice things and should hit the game in a couple of weeks. Also, the “Oak” patch, which is the name for the upcoming 1.4 patch, is going to need much larger work. The 1.4 patch should aim to fix the AI together with the late game performance.

Do you think that this will make the game better? Well, the time will tell, we just need to wait and see. In the meantime, do not forget to subscribe! 😉

This dev diary was announced on their forums.

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