Heroes Arena: Quake Build Guide And How To Use His Skills

Quake is a Tank hero in Heroes Arena with high survivability and attack speed. I have played few matches with him and finally succeed to make the best build guide that goes perfectly with his skills.

First, I will start with how to use his skills and get better results. Quake is with 5 skills, 1 passive and 4 casters. His passive skill grants him physical and magic resistance every time he loses 5% of max HP. He can also regenerate HP with his Ignore The Pain skill. But he also deals high magic damage with Brutal Assault, Fury Impact and Shock Waves. So here we go, first you should use his ult, Shock Waves, then Fury Impact and his Brutal Assault to charge to the nearest target. Keep the heal, Ignore The Pain, for last and save your teammates.

The next six items you are about to see is so far the best equipment for Quake. It increases his physical defense by a lot and his HP as well. Well, he is Tank, he needs to get the highest damage rate.

  • Curse – Slows the attack and movement speed of the attacker. Also, increases Quake HP +960 and adds +261 to his physical defense
  • Tenacity Boots – Increases Quake movement speed by 60 and add +110 to his magic defense
  • Icebound – Whenever Quake casts a spell, the closest enemies will be slowed by 20%. It also adds physical dmg to his basic attack and increases his mana, magic attack, physical defense and cooldown reduction
  • Sharp Spear – One of my favorite items. Quake becomes immune to damage every 8 seconds. You might say that’s a long time, but when the enemy is behind your back, you better have this item. Be safe and thank me later!
  • Shield Wall – Only if your HP is under 30%, the shield will activate and reduce the damage you receive by 50%. It also increases Quake’s HP, mana, physical defense and reduce the critical damage
  • Armor of Endurance – Increases Tenacity by 50% and adds 1200 HP, 142 physical defense and 120 magic defense.

I highly recommend using this build, due to his role in Heroes Arena. You will be amazed on how many hits and damage he will receive. I can easily say, Quake is a damage taker. Don’t forget to subscribe and get the best guides.

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