Heroes Arena: Tyrant Build Guide

Take care of his hook! If Tyrant catches you, that’s it, there is no way to escape. Be aware, if the enemy is using this build guide, just surrender and start a new match.

Tyrant Build Guide

Tyrant is very mobile, a fast hero with high attack speed as well. He uses 5 spells to make it harder for the enemies. Every time he gets a kill or assists he will get a movement speed boost. With his hook he brings the enemy closer and deals 660 magic damage. He also marks a target with Bloody Shackle, deals 100 magic damage and restores 20 HP. Be careful out there, Tyrant can control your mind with Mind Blast and get you killed in a second. But that’s not all. He becomes a DEMON with higher HP, surrounded by the demonforceĀ which deals 124 magic damage p/s.

Use Death Hook to bring the enemy closer, play with his mind a little bit and then become a demon. You will be surprised what does with this skills line-up. But, if Tyrant is using wrong items, he is nothing better than a popcorn šŸ™‚

Following this build guide will help you to eliminate a target easier and faster:

  • Scepter of Life – You are getting 2 HP for each magic attack. Also, increases his magic attack +520
  • Piercing Boots – Increases Tyrant’s movement speed by 60 and adds 75 magic penetration
  • Chill Abyss – Casting a spell will decrease target’s movement speed by 20%. Also adds +840 HP and +195 magic attack
  • Eye of Curse – Adds 75 points magic penetration, +480 HP and +182 magic attack. The second effect will deal magic damage equal to 1% of enemy’s Max HP
  • Aegis of Dragon – HP regenerationĀ speed +20 and HP +1600. Everytime Tyrant kills an enemy will restore 4% of max HP.
  • Holy Stone – It grants 8 magic attack and +40 HP every minute. It adds HP, mana and magic attack

I have tried this build few times and I have to say it works great! If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments below.

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