Heroes Arena: Warrior Of Light Build Guide

Warrior of Light is a character in Heroes Arena with high survivability, HP and physical attack. The following build guide and “how to use skills” guide, will help you to slay enemies faster and easier.

Warrior Of Light Build Guide

This is a Tank hero, with five spells, all of them casters. Courage is one of his skills, which he uses to regenerate HP for 0.5% per second. He uses Charge to increase his movement speed, silence the enemies and deals 236 physical damage. Warrior of Light goes into the state of a Sacred Storm and deals 55 physical dmg to a target for 3 seconds. It is very smart to use the Shield of the King in order to decrease the taken damage. What I find very interesting is that this spell, whenever is finished, it will deal 164 physical damage to the nearby units.

His ult is Righteous Verdict. He jumps on a target, deals 120 physical dmg and you can see the enemy respawning in base 🙂 So, this is how to use Warrior of Light skills: First you use the shield, to block damage, then Sacred Storm. If the enemy is still there, charge him and go for his ult. I have tried different ways, but I find this one the most helpful.

There are six items that you can choose for each hero and buy the equipment while in-game. You can get attack items, magic, defense, movement or jungling items. I have tried different builds, but none of them was working ok, except for this one. The following build guide is with 4 attack items, 1 defense and 1 for his movement. Try to purchase them in the exact order:

  • Wintry Feather – Increases Warrior of Light HP +960 and adds 44 points to his physical attack
  • Hunter Boots – Adds +15 on his attack speed and increases his movement speed by 60
  • Armor Breaker – +320 HP, +95 physical attack and +15 to his cooldown reduction
  • Force of Gods – This item increases his basic attack physical damage by 100% for 2 seconds. In addition, his HP is increased by +240, mana +400, physical attack +67, magic attack +78, critical rate +15, attack speed +20 and movement speed +8. At this point, Warrior of Light is a beast! But, let’s make it a little bit more interesting
  • Berserker Edge – Adds +112 to physical attack and increases the critical hit damage by 50%
  • Sharp Spear – Warrior of Light’s physical attack is getting +134 points and his attack speed +30

I have to say, Heroes Arena is a new MOBA, with not so many players at the moment. Therefore, you might end up waiting 3-5mins for a match. But, I have high expectations for this game and I think in just a matter of time, this will change. Have fun and enjoy playing Heroes Arena.

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