Heroes Evolved King Tut Skills And Build Guide

King Tut is a melee, support hero in Heroes Evolved. As part of the strength class, with the following “how to use skills” guide and build guide, you are on the right way.

king tut skills and build guide

He uses 4 skills, 1 passive and three casters. His passive skill is Reflective Nightmare. Every enemy that attacks King Tut is cursed with receiving damage and their attack speed is decreased for 4 sec. Depends on the level, his bonus spell resist goes from 4/8/12/16. Damage per second increased from 10/15/20/25. Attack speed reduced 10/15/20/25. One of King Tut’s casters is Rotting Corpse. You can activate this spell with Q. It costs 100 mana, with 15 seconds cd and increased dmg/sec 50/65/80/95. He releases a rotting corpse that deals continuous magic damage in an area for 10 seconds.

Quick Sand (W) is King Tut’s 2nd spell. he affects a specific area with ashes of crushed bones, by slowing enemies. At the same time, he gets additional movement speed. Depends on the spell lvl, mana cost goes from 55/60/65/70 with 10 seconds cd and 1000 casting range. He gets 25% movement speed and slows down enemies by 15/20/25/30%. Ult time! That’s Soul Leash (R). He pulls the enemy by dealing magic dmg. At the same time, King Tut can move as well within 800 range. It lasts for 3 seconds and deals 120/180/240 dmg/sec.

Here is the best combo and you can thank me later. Rotting Corpse followed by Quick Sand. In this order, the enemy’s movement speed is reduced and receives magic damage. Then right after go for his Ult. A great combo for support or maybe some great kills on the board.

King Tut Build Guide

At the moment, due to upcoming updates, there is not yet a specific build that I have to share. When the game is optimized, without any issues and right OP, you will have the best build. Until then, subscribe and stay with us to get the latest gaming news.

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