Heroes Of The Storm New Patch Introduces Zul’jin

The Heroes of the Storm new patch introduces a new hero, bundles, mount and a draft mode.

Heroes Of The Storm New Patch

Zul’jin is the new warlord that took his place in Heroes of the Storm new patch. His trait skill is berserker which increases his basic attack damage by 25% every time you activate. His basic abilities are grievous throw, twin cleave and regeneration. Zul’jin’s heroic abilities are taz’dingo and a guillotine. Using this skills increases Zul’jin damage and his HP regeneration. In a way, it’s quite similar with Troll Warlord from Dota 2. Head out to the game and try him out.

Heroes of the Storm Zul'jin

There is a new bundle as well which is going to be available until January 17. This bundle is called Ember Lord Zul’jin bundle. Amani War Bear is the new mount but you can get it only if you purchase the above-mentioned bundle.

Tournament draft is added to custom games as a new draft mode. This is the first time for the developers to implement the tournament draft mode. They are saying if you find any bugs just report them and they will fix it with the next patch. This mode allows the players to swap their hero at the end of a draft.

With the new patch, seven heroes got an adjustment. Three of the Assasin Class – Greymane, Lunara and Raynor. Azmodan and Sylvanas also got improvements from the Specialist Class. The Warrior Class is not left aside as well. Anub’arak and Arthas are now with better stats.

In addition, the new patch brings bug fixes to the battleground, sound and user interface. To see the full patch notes visit the official site.

In other news, Heroes of the Storm has a weekly sale until January 10. Three new items are on sale for seven days starting on Tuesday and ending on the same day for the following week. Have in mind that after the sale the items will return to their normal price.

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