Heroes of The Storm: Valeera Has Joined the Nexus!

Valeera, Shadow of the Uncrowned is finally able to play. The New Assassin hero, Valeera Sanquinar, has just been released in Heroes of the Storm.

Valeera Has Joined the Nexus

Having strong talents and abilities, Valeera should become your next favorite hero. Her strengths according to Blizzard are being elusive and difficult to kill. On the other side he can shut down enemy assassins very effectively and ganking a viable attribute of hers.

However, Valeera is weak when it comes down to pushing lanes, sieging and self-sustaining.

Talents, Picks, Counter-picks

Owning talents like Vigor, Thistle Tea and Assassinate, this hero might be what you’re looking for. She’s supposed to do good together with Jaina, Brightwing and Diablo in team fights, according to Blizzard.

However, she has some difficulties against Oracle because of the stealthed heroes reveal and extra shielding. Also, Lunara’s damage over time can be really annoying because if applied, she cannot go into stealth mode, Medivh is also here as a counter by saving enemies from Valeera’s assassination skills.

Well, having all the above in mind, Brightwing might also count as a counter to Valeera, despite the fact that it should work good while being on the same team.

Check the Valeera Spotlight Video Below:

For more detailed info about Valeera’s Vigor, Thistle Tea and Assassinate abilities, you can check the official website where everything is explained in details. Do not forget to tell us your thoughts in the comments down below!

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