Meepo’s Bloodthorn Build Should Be Option #1, Scythe Of Vyse Second

Seriously, why is everyone focusing on building Hex on Meepo instead getting the Bloodthorn? I mean, Bloodthorn can deal a lot more damage and take down the guy you jump on. On the other hand, Scythe of Vyse is just disabling the enemy heroes by turning them into a harmless critter and they will not be able to move or cast a spell for 3.5 seconds.

Meepo's Bloodthorn Build

All the Meepo lovers should focus a bit more on building the Bloodthorn first right after getting the dagger. If you ask me, you do not need the Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade in the game instead of getting the dagger and Bloodthorn first. With these two items, you will be pretty much able to finish the game a lot earlier. Let’s be clear. I am not saying anything about getting the HEX on Meepo. I am just saying that Bloodthorn can give you a lot more advantage going towards mid-game.

Let’s see what exactly we aim to explain to you, Meepo lovers.

Meepo Changes After 7.00

After the 7.00 Update came to live, Meepo has been changed, regardless of the talents he received. The most amazing change is that all the Meepos now share the full attributes of the main Meepo without the Scepter upgrade. This is really amazing and fits this build. The other two changes are kind of bad, but still, they cannot cope with the first one. I do know that Playing Meepo requires micro skill, but everyone can learn to play if really wants to.

Given the fact above, every Meepo player can now rush to something else instead of getting the Aghanim’s Scepter Upgrade, which is awesome! In that order, building a Bloodthorn is a lot better instead of the Scythe of Vyse. Let’s see why.

Meepo’s Bloodthorn Build can be really OP

We know that the only problem can probably be farming the Bloodthorn on Meepo for a really fast time, but hey, you are Meepo and now after the 7.01 changes that came to live, Meepo’s clones can pick up bounty runes. If you cannot farm Bloodthorn fast with Meepo… then I do not know any other Hero you can farm faster with.

Maybe the Bloodthorn is more expensive than the Scythe of Vyse. It’s around 1.5k gold difference. Bloodthorn costs 7195 gold, while Scythe of Vyse costs 5650. This should not be an issue because you are “a Meepo player”.

Bloodthorn instead of Scythe of Vyse

Because Bloodthorn Silences the Enemy Hero for 5 seconds and also amplifies the damage by 30%. You can see the whole Bloodthorn Stats in the picture down below.


Do you still think it’s worse than getting the Hex? I mean, come on. Also, all stacks on the silenced target will have a True Strike and land a crit on Impact. Imagine when you get at least 3 meepos, what is going to happen. If there’s a Phantom Assasin on the other team, he will be insta-dead regardless of his Blur passive ability. You will definitely own him in seconds. I mean, you can get pick-offs any time you want. The amplify, the crits… It’s just too much. Do not leave yet, below you can see Meepo’s Bloodthorn build in Action.

Now you should be aware why this build is going to give you a lot of Advantage. After this you can still go for HEX, but I do not believe that you will go to late-game while having Bloodthorn and killing enemies in mid-game. By having the power to Silence enemies, you will push them building a BKB or Manta, but hey, there is your Earthbind spell. Sadly, Earthbind won’t cancel channeling abilities anymore, but it’s still cool. Overall, this means you will be more than a PAIN to them.

On the other side, Scythe of Vyse won’t give you anything except a nice Disable ability that lasts for 3.5 seconds. What’s going to be after that? Nothing.

I still see all the Meepo players going for the Hex instead of Bloodthorn, God knows why. Even after you get the Orchid Malevolence you will still own with just the POOF ability.

Bloodthorn Build in Action

Below you can see what actually can Meepo do with this Build. In the animation below, there is Axe which is level 25 without any kind of items. On the other side, Meepo is also level 25 with just 2 items, a Blink Dagger and Bloodthorn.

I mean, do you have to say anything about this? Huh, that HURTS a lot! I mean, he was going to die anyway without the extra attacks, but I enjoyed the crits.

We are always trying to find something cool guys. If you respect that drop a sub, if you do not, please leave a comment down below. Criticizing is the only way to get good. I hope you’ll love this build! Dota 2 7.00 still feels new, so let’s find a way towards success together!

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