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Corvette C7.R Guide

Real Racing 3 Corvette C7.R Guide LTS Championship

With only a few days until the end of this championship, we will show you how to win with this simple Corvette C7.R guide in RR3.

Corvette C7.R Guide

It is very important to know that if you start this RR3 Limited Time Series for winning the Corvette C7.R all the upgrades for this can will be permanent. If you win the car (if you follow this simple steps you will win 100%) or not you will still have the upgrades. Let’s say even if you buy the car after 1 month you will still have the ups attached. Remember this is only if you lose the LTS.

The maximum PR required for finishing this Limited Time Series is 86,4. I will give you the minimum required combination for upgrades for R$ and Gold.

  • Engine – 2 upgrades (R$ 261.400)
  • Drivetrain – 4 upgrades (R$ 571.300 + 75 GC)
  • Body – 2 upgrades (R$ 77.300 + 40 GC)
  •  Suspension – 4 upgrades (R$ 533.000 + 65 GC)
  • Exhaust – 2 upgrades (R$ 88.200 + 45 GC)
  • Brakes – 4 upgrades (R$ 400.600 + 50 GC)
  • Tires & Wheels – 2 upgrades (R$ 81.800 + 42 GC)

The total how much you have to spend is R$ 2.013.600 and 317 Gold. With all of these upgrades, I can tell you are completely safe for finishing the Limited Time Series even before the time given for 7 days.

Corvette C7.R Guide and Tips

Pro Tip: Don’t lose your time to drive the championship only when your car is in green (serviced). If you own the required PR for the car you can always race even with red/damage car (not serviced) and still easy win the race.

In RR3 you can win every race in this championship. There is also one more tip that I don’t think many racers use it. Do you know “Slow down the AI” technique? How it works? You choose one of the tracks from the first tiers. In this case, the best track to slow down your opponents is the first track from Tier 2. Head to Head on Nurburgring 1 lap. I will recommend you to choose the corners to stop the car, not the straits. This is how it looks.

rr3 corvette

Real Racing 3 has become more difficult to play nowadays. It requires a lot of farming and leveling up for gold is inevitable in order to succeed. I relly hope that this simple guide will help you win the Corvette C7.R easy.

If you have difficulties winning any stage feel free to write any question down in the comments.



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