Rise & Shine Available On Xbox One

Xbox One is finally getting the long awaited game Rise & Shine. It took three years for the developers to “polish” and improve the game. So, let’s see, it may worth the wait.

rise shine xbox one

Rise & Shine is a combination of a puzzle and arcade shooter with strategy elements. The gameplay’s pretty exciting with a great story and combat. You play as a kid named Rise. Also, his weapon is his friend named Shine. Now you know how it got the name :). The developers made Rise & Shine be more challenging and not easy at all. You will find yourself in a tricky situation where you must find a way out. Rise & Shine are fighting against Space Grunt army and believe me, it’s not easy at all.

You will die often, get stuck somewhere, which I find very interesting to play. The game is not like the other run’N’gun shooter at all. There is a lot of shooting, killing enemies, massive explosions and when you find in a tricky situation just shoot! Bullets “solve” a lot of problems.

What I find very interesting is that every stage is different from the others. There are a lot of details, that can easily distract you from the game, make you stop and say: Wow, this is a superb game with mind-blowing details! Hats down for the developers, they did a great job here. Also, check out the soundtrack. Omg, I just love it. Shine told me it’s a real thing, made by real opera singer and instruments. That will blow your mind :). Overall, I find Rise & Shine very interesting to play and it’s not just a time killer. I lost myself in the game for hours. In addition to this, you will spend only $14.99 for an awesome game. Once again, thanks to Adult Swim Games!

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