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Robocraft Brawl Update 0.13.1976

Robocraft 12 O’Clock High Brawl Update brings new Brawl and some bug fixes. There are rules for playing Brawl IV, so you can scroll down and check it out.

Robocraft Brawl Update

The new update 0.13.1976 introduces new BRAWL called 12 O’Clock. You can also find an in-game counter to see the money raised for “Play For Kaleigh” event.

Brawl Rules:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • 5v5
  • Birmingham Power Station Map
  • Lock-on Missile Launcher and Aeroflak are not allowed
  • Award: x2 XP and +1 extra crate for the first victory
  • Allowed Movement Types: Rudders, Aerofoils, Propellers and Tank tracks

In addition, the new update changes the 1st win bonus label and all propellers are now translated in all languages. Also, a keyboard macro exploits bug is now fixed. So, when you recharge one weapon, others will not.



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