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Robocraft: Propellers Artbot Contest – Time to Win

After the launch of the Propellers Update, this is what comes next. Because a lot of players are eager for the Propellers and because of the already uploaded propeller based Robots to the CRF, there will be Robocraft: Propellers Artbot Contest.

Robocraft: Propellers Artbot Contest

What is needed in order to secure a place into the contest?

Building Robots that fit into one of the five listed categories you can find below. Are you going to make it and build a robot that fits nice? You will also need to upload it to the already said CRF which stands for a Community Robot Factory.

That’s the main objective, building a robot that contains at least one propeller.


Who will get a place in the contest and what kind of categories are included:

  • Robots with 1,
  • Robots with 2,
  • Robots with 3,
  • Robots with 4 or
  • Robots with 5+ Propellers.

Also, make sure you use “DB10” at the beginning of the Robot title before you upload it to the CRF. The Robot must also include a description with the listed categories from above. So if you upload a Robot with 1 propeller, make sure you use Cat 1, or Robots with 2 propelers use Cat 2.

If you do not follow the steps from above and fail to include DB10 your Robot will be excluded from the contest.

What kind of prizes can you win?

There will be five winners and each one of them will receieve either a premium membership or 25 protonium crates by player’s choice. The overall winner’s robot will also become a Featured Robot in the CRF.

The winner will be announced on a Robostream in near future.

For more info, check out the following link.



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