RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Tips And Tricks

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is coming for PS4 next week, to be more precise January 17. I have some tips and trick for you, that will help you on the battleground.

RWBY Grimm Eclipse Tips And Tricks

Before I share with you a short guide, I would like to explain you more about the game. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is hack-n-slash, four player game based on RWBY series by Rooster Teeth. You can choose a character and with online with your friends. Each character is with different skills and upgrades. All of these you can use on the battlefield and eliminate your opponents. You can choose between story campaign and Horde mode.

The story campaign is where you can explore new locations, enemies and villains. Horde mode is a co-op action-strategy mode, where you have to defend security nodes from the enemy waves. So it’s up to you how you want to play and how you will upgrade your characters. Either you like more melee or you prefer range attacks. Below you can see some very useful tips and tricks that will make it easier for you.

Tips and Tricks how to be better in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

  • Choose shotgun turrets due to the high amount of damage they deal (Horde mode)
  • Ranged attacks can be very helpful with enemies on low HP. Also, they increase the combo meter, which fills the Ultimate bar faster
  • When the enemies are stunned, just fully charge and set up a team attack
  • Ursas and Alpha Beowolves are one of the biggest enemies and they can attack only one target. In this way, fight as a team with them
  • Ursas can also perform a ground-pound attack. When you see them casting this spell, wait a little bit and dodge their attack. In this way, Ursa will stun itself.
  • The frozen enemies can’t deal dmg for some time, so use this time to eliminate them before they get away
  • Horde mode is everything about communication with your team. You have to work as a team to survive
  • When you hit a target in Horde mode, it will automatically redirect them away from the nodes. Keep in mind if only one node is destroyed, it’s game over.

I hope you enjoy playing this game. Because for sure I will. Don’t forget to subscribe and get the latest gaming news.

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