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Steep Patch 1.04 Introduces New Features, Game Improvements And Bugs Fixes

As we speak, Steep got its new update 1.04. Below you can find the full patch notes, so keep on reading and find out more.

steep patch 1.04

Steep Patch Notes 1.04:

When you start the game now, you can find real-time activities, tournaments, challenges, community challenges and the Steep World Tour. This new feature has a Welcome Dashboard, to show the most important news as well as a Live Page. The Live Page provides more info about Steep World Tour and shows you which Community Challenges are ok to play. If you don’t know, the Steep World Tour is a tournament available for all Steep players.

Steep will now have a Community Challenges made by its players for the players. You can find them in Live Page. A new Director Mode allows more Replay Mode options to be more creative in the replay videos. With patch 1.04 you can now hide the HUD whenever you like. Just press options and then select video. Also, the new Steep patch 1.04, introduces a New Customization Items. Unfortunately, I don’t have any details about this.

Steep patch 1.04 improves the G-force system so now it’s more accurate. The jumping system is improved as well and makes jumping more accurate. Now, when the player presses jump button it actually jumps. Community requested for the Character Barks to be reduced. DONE! Steep players can now see only the activities from the highlighted region on Mountain View Display. Also, the music will no longer change, it will remain the same track when you retry a challenge.

In addition, there are a lot of bug fixes. So I will just mention few. If you want to see the full list of bugs fixes, please visit the official Ubisoft forum.

  • Visibility is now increased to 1000 meters
  • You can no longer jump with LT/L2
  • Narrator in the Benchmark is fixed
  • The “Zoom at gaze” speed while using eye tracking is changed
  • The Memorable Moment “Score more than 1,000 Freeride points in one ride” does not trigger when the player reaches the required score.

I hope you agree with all the changes. So, see you on the mountain!

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