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Take On Mars Official Release Date And Gameplay

Take On Mars is developed by Bohemia Interactive. Previously a multiplayer was available to play as early access but now the single play champagne takes its place on Steam on February 9.

Take On Mars Official Release Date And Gameplay

Take On Mars Gameplay

The single play story campaign is the latest addition to Take On Mars. You are playing as the astronaut Mark Willis. Mark is on Mars in the year 2028 but the connection to Earth is lost and the crew is MIA. But there is only one survivor and that is you.

The player Mark has to survive on Mars. He will need resources like water, food and oxygen to stay alive. You have to collect materials from Martian soil to create shalter and create a shuttle to take you home.

In the Space Program campaign, there is a robotics chapter. Here you can explore the red planet and gather useful scientific data. You and your friends can go together on Mars in the sandbox multiplayer. To get to know the game yo have to complete the Tutorial of five training missions. In addition, if you don’t know anything about Mars there is an encyclopedia in Take On Mars available for free.

What I find very interesting are the real life locations. All of the information are accurate satellite data from real life. You can find locations as Deimos, Earth’s moon, Mars Yard and Internation Space Station.

You can get the Early Access on Steam here due to the change of price at launch date.



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