The Division 1.6 Will Be Released At The Same Time With The Last Stand

This was totally expected. The Division 1.6 Update will be released with the Last Stand at the same time. It will also come out on the same date for every single platform, as expected!

There are lots of stuff to speak for keeping in mind that there will be change with the armor and resistances. This can make the game even better. We will talk more about this down below. The Division 1.6 update will also receive changes around the Skill power and Skill Changes which are also exciting to see.

God, there will be a lot of changes. The named items will become Exotics too and guess what, there will be Exotic Weapon sets and Caches so I guess we are going to need to tweak our builds.

Also, as we said before in our Strikers build, the AlphaBridge gear set will be nerfed and will now share the free talent (meaning the one that doesn’t require any stats) which is going to nerf the Alphabridge by a lot. The Division 1.6 is going to push us to the limits. Frontline’s, Reclaimer and Tactician’s Authority some minor changes and bug fixes too.

Within the 1.6 patch, there will be a new SEEKR gear set that will focus on body shots. All of these balancing improvements should offer The Division gamers varieties of changes in build’s perspective.

There is going to be a new Legendary Difficulty for all the nerds out there. You thought you are A GOD? You gotta think twice because this might be really challenging for you and should put you DOWN :).

The Division 1.6 Patch Changes – Detailed

Let’s preview all of the changes, detailed, so we can give our opinions on it. However, I personally think that this will be a really big update that will bring positive in-game changes.

The Much Needed PVP Balancing

In order to make the PvP experience more enjoyable and balanced, the developers in co-op with the ETF team has decided that:

Hip fire stability was too high while moving and now is decreased. There is a new hip-fire camera too! I was really mad at the guys that hip fired me down. Skills, that’s all we want, skills are what we need.

Even though I always aim for the head, now the damage gap between head and body is lowered. This means that the Brutal Damage won’t do that much and people will die even faster than before. I do not know if this is a smart choice, meaning that skilled players that aim for the head will uselessly do that.

Finally! This change is one of the most important. Players cannot combat roll anymore meaning there will be a timer between them. Yay! What are you thinking on this one?

I think that The Division 1.6 patch is going to be even better than the 1.4. Having the ETF team and the devs working on a patch like this, It must be great.

Consumables and Status Effects

Consumables will no longer apply Status Effects. So now, to be able to counter Turret Skill you will be able to use medkits while at full hp so you will not be needed to get that High-End mask. Thanks for noticing, didn’t even wanted, the mask is always a good slot for a set gear item ;).

Let’s talk more about this. You know what? The Bleed Status Effect will no longer prevent sprinting or moving from cover to cover! A YEAH! Instead, you will be slowed down in general meaning this will affect only the movement speed. Finally, rogues can run away from enemies and survive in order to get their wanted experience without this happening. The Division is about to come even better game to play. For more info about the talent changes, you can visit this link.

New Difficulty: Legendary

We talked about this above, but let’s preview it in details. This is going to be amazing for all the nerds and professional players. A new and Legendary difficulty mode was kinda needed to test your build on and your group synergy.

However, this mode will be only applied to Times Square, WarrenGate Power Plant and Napalm Production Site.

This should include more powerful and smarter enemies, something like the Hunters from the survival modes. This means that they will be able to react to your skills and Status Effects.

The Division 1.6 is not going to push you to play in a group, do not worry. Instead, you will be able to solo the missions on Legendary difficulty. However, the optimization goal on the missions is to play with a group and work on your build and skills you’re using.

In this patch, you will receive exclusive items after you finish the mission. The rewards will be astonishing. This mode will also be added to more missions in the future.

Exotic Items, Weapon Sets, Caches

Yey, this will be a total bummer. The Division 1.6 named gear will now be an exotic gear, meaning will give us the chance to fight for an Exotic Gear including Exotic Weapon Sets and Caches. They will get unique colors in order to stand out from the other items in your inventory, just as like the color drop too. They will come up with a description too.

1.6 patch will make all Exotic Weapons own 2 unique talents: Hungry Hog and Tenebrae.

Hungry Hog will increase your damage dealt by 20% until you stop firing.

Tenebrae will give us the chance to reset the skill cooldowns including our group members cooldowns too. In order to apply that effect, you’ll be needed to destroy an enemy weak point. It will be hard to manage to

It will be hard to manage to activate both of them, but, let’s just give it a shot, why not?

Exotic Caches will include all the three sub-caches. This means Sealed Caches, Weapon Caches, Gear Set caches will be available within the 1.6 patch. We are talking about The Division, this was also needed. Players will be able to get these in a Weekly Reward after finishing Legendary Missions.

Bye Bye AlphaBridge – Gear Sets Changes

  • Alphabridge is not going to get all of the bonus pieces, instead, they will share 4 talents meaning only the free talent will apply, the one that doesn’t require any stats from your weapons. AlphaBridge lovers, say good bye to AlphaBridge.
  • Frontline’s 4 pieces will no longer remove crit hit chance. This might be really interesting. Instead, it will remove effects of mods you applied to your shield. That is Reactive Targeting, Assault Shield, Kinetic Breaker.
  • Reclaimer set will focus strictly on the Support Station. The 4th pieces bonus will activate all Support Station mods. No longer has an effect on consumables too.
  • Tactician’s Buff will only disappear after you use a skill.

There will be a new SEEKR that I must try and will focus on body shots. Hmmmmm. This 4 piece bonus will give a guaranteed critical hits after landing 2 consecutive body shots. This is really strange thanks to the fact that the head and body shots are now closer in perspective of damage delt. I think that this will be the new set and the Brutal Talent will be removed by every single player. Our new build will be using the SEEKR gear set, because it already feels op without even trying it.

I am telling you, the devs are still trying to get the players back, and they might succeed after this patch. A lot of players have been fighting against hackers nowadays, including me too. Guys, set up your Nvidia Shadowplay to record videos when the hacking event occurs. Save the video, upload it to youtube and send it to a Ubisoft Support agent. In that way we can help each other and make the game even better!

Premium Vendor

A new Vendor will be added to the game which is going to offer a big range of new comsetics and expression items that can be purcahsed with the new Premium Credits currency. Oh-la-la. Let’s start clothing within a fashion style boys! The Vendor will be located in the Terminal below the Base of Operations.

Premium Credits can be purchased in exchange for real money and they will be account-bounded, meaning players will be able to share the credits between characters.

New Weapon, Backpack, Clothing skins, Emotes, Bundles containg items from the same categories too. If you want more detailed information about this, visit this link.


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