The Division Might Receive a Last Man Standing Mode, OH REALLY?

The Division are hosting a survey asking the players various of questions. This might be the point bring us a new Last Man Standing mode. OH, NOT AGAIN.

the division might receive a last man standing mode

Being able to answer through the whole survey, I’ve met a question that asked me something around the Division Last Man Standing mode. Also, something about a new continuation of the story can be found. Well, the real question that goes around is that a Survival mode is Similar to Last Man Standing. However, what kind of look will it have if there’s any Last Man Standing mode. I really do not know. There were also some strange questions in the survey.

A lot of unanswered questions

However, I’d love to speak about the new possible options of this game and what can be added too. What about when we’re doing our missions so we get to know who done the most damage, healing, who’s the tankiest guy and received the most damage. Jumping in front to a new continuation of the story in a new city or around New York or in New york just won’t click it. There are thousands of things to work on this game, but however Ubisoft is asking about a new continuation of the story. Also, how likely is it going to be for you to buy it?

Well, getting new game modes would be really cool. But, how about getting the options I’ve told above, plus the options to allow people to queue solo for the Dark Zone, just as like in Survival mode. I mean, Survival mode is just fine around that, but the Dark Zone queue should also be the same. When I queue solo I want to play against solo players and not against party members that have a perfect combination of Gear Sets and will just go manhunt and no one can touch them.

Why is that so? Why can no one even touch them? The answer is simple because there is no one in a party except the players that queued solo and want to have a decent game experience. Just freaking imagine how many players would go back to The Division when all of this happens. Thousands!

What about making 2 different types of servers, 1 PVE servers, and Dark Zone servers that are going to be separated fully. Do you want to hold the players stick inside the game? OK! Well, when you have important updates to deploy in the PVE environment, a message would come and say: Agents, listen carefully, we will deploy a fix in the PVE so if you do not go in the Dark Zone in the next 50 minutes you will not be able to play in the PVE because the PVE servers will be down. This is a win-win situation and the players will stick in the game instead of leaving it while the patch applies. Am I right? You want more players, you gotta make it count boys, gotta make it count.

Being an old agent, I went in the game, saw what’s new, got the needed gear, and now I feel like I am retired again. I do not even think about starting The Division except when I want to have a little bit of shooting experience and fun. This is the things the devs should be aiming to improve instead of “Oh, wait, what about a new continuation of the story?“.

I can totally agree with the Last Man Standing mode where players are fighting around New York. But, this mode just brings another question. Will it be similar to the Survival mode? Or, is the new Last Man standing mode going to include vehicles in the game? Seriously, Importing vehicles will be really fun. We know it’s a virus epidemy and the traffic is messy, but what about adding motorcycles to the game? That can be really nice.

The balancing, what’s going on with the Gear Set balancing? I am not even surprised almost every solo player is running the AlphaBridge Gear Set. Come on guys, ou can do it better. I am pretty sure that there are thousands of questions unanswered. This is where Ubisoft and Massive should respond, so please, anyone that reach this article, share the freaking madness I am surviving ATM as the developers are just listening to their mind and “some of the players” as they say, but not MOST OF THEM. I am freaking out right now.

Sorry for the madly written article, here is the Survey Link and good luck on not getting mad while answering.

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