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Trove PC/MAC Patch: Flackbeard Edition, January 17, 2017

After the Fail of Cube World, Trove came to live and started deploying like every game should. They are still releasing new patch and there is a new one. This Trove PC/Mac patch will take the the game servers down for 90 minutes and it will be deployed on January 17.

Trove PC/MAC Patch: Flackbeard Edition

Flackbeard edition stands for the terrible and scary Dragons that will come on the Treasure Isles. Being one of the main updates, we cannot miss it. Let’s preview what else is going to happen.

There will no more be Snowfest, however, the Snowflakes will remain available for a limited time. Also, the Crate ‘O 150 Gears will be there too.

Everything related to holidays and Christmas should be removed and the hub has been returned to the normal Winter version.

The update will offer new Costumes updates like Dracolyte Plum Fairy and its ultimate form, pet dragonling and burnt offering. Pirate Captain royal will receive a new parrot skin while candy Barbarian costumes not have more appropriate VFX. Winter Waker Helm will be the new name of the helm for the Winter Waker costume.

Withing the update there will be fixed bugs like Knight’s ultimate VFX not appearing. When Neon Ninja ult and attack were used in the same time sometimes were crashing the client is fixed too. The absorbed damage of Ice Sage’s Frozen ward will no longer be removed.

4 new animal head styles have also been added to the stash exclusive category, Mouse, Rhino, Panda and alsoo Rabbit hats while Duplicate Trovian Trawler will be removed from the collections. So, what are you waiting for, get back in the game and enjoy!

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