Warframe Comes New Bundles: The Helminth Cure And Frost Harka

Warframe is on another level with the beauty of the ice and snow with The Helminth Cure And Frost Harka bundles. You can now customize your Tenno with a Frost Harka skin or Frysta Long Sward skin and cut trough the ice. Exclusively Warframe offers the Helminh Cure and you can get it today bu visiting the market.

The Helminth Cure And Frost Harka

As you may now a lot of Tennos are facing a persistent infection on Warframe. To cure them you have to go in the Helminth infirmary. Keep in mind that if you want to breed a Helminth Charger, a mature Helminth Cyst needs to be drain. Also, if you remove the helminth Cyst and cure your Warframe he can no longer go back into the room.

In addition, the developers complete the script with general additions and a lot of changes.

Now you can find Nidus, Ash Koga Profile and Frost Harka icons in the market for purchase. The health conversion and energy conversion Mod FX are now appearing on clients.

The performance issues in The Index are now fixed and you can use Vulkar and Vulkar Wraith in the conclave. Also, you will be very happy with the new look of Frost abilities.

To see the full alignment script notes visit the official Warframe forum and find out more. Don’t forget to subscribe for more gaming news.

Angel Kicevski

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