WOW Legion AP Issues: That Doesn’t Bring A Smile On My Face

World of Warcraft: Legion is getting a new patch. In order to work, you just have to restart the game. But, if you don’t have client-side patch update, some issues will not be addressed.

Wow Legion ap

Changes are made to a Brawler’s Guild, in some classes, items PvP and quests. First I will start with the Brawler’s Guild. Johnny Awesome will no longer shout everywhere, NPCs can now be clicked through players and they will no longer accept guessing. For the classes, Death Knight’s pet damage is now reduced by 40%. But, Sweeping Claws and Viel Gas’s damage is increased. For the Priests, casting Mind Flay will now stop channeling if the target is out of sight. When using Banish with Warlock, you can’t enter combat with creatures who are not in combat.

In addition, players can’t use Artifact Power items if their Artifact is with all 54 points. This sound confusing. What will happen when after some time more of M+ spam are capped? Does it mean that we have to find creative ways to hoard AP items? Who knows, we just have to wait and see. Wilfred’s Sigil of Superior Summoning is with better CD. In PvP all Artifact traits after 34 are disabled, Ashran and Priest are with some changes as well. You can not use Several Wand and Scroll items within Ashran. Physchi Link of the Priest will now deal 30% of Mind Blast instead of 100%.

Now Shar’thos grants credit for his World Quest. Also, you can now drop plague vials twice on the North Fleet Reservist in “Test at Sea”. Unfortunately, no DH nerfs and DK nerfs are made. Beside this, Blizzard forgot about a lot of things. For example Shaman permalink, hidden nerfs, Monk’s 10seconds cocoon bug and even they forgot to remove 35+ AP from season 3. Well, let’s hope they will make new changes soon.

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